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Hey Creator! I go by [ profile] Brachylagus_fandom on AO3.

  • Worldbuilding - how do the canons connect? Do they have any similarities?
  • Crack
  • Fluff
  • Action
  • Cultural misunderstandings/characters completely out of their comfort zone

39 Clues, Harry Potter, Big Hero 6 (fusion or crossover, art or fic)

39 Clues/Harry Potter - These are two of my favorite canons of all time, both for the possible extents of their worldbuilding. (Plus, the chaos alone would be fantastic to watch.) How does magic interact with the serum? How does magic shape the clue hunt? Alternately, how does the clue hunt shape the magical world?
  • Characters are Cahills - Which branch do they belong to? How closely are they tied to that branch? How does this affect their personal relationships?
  • Magic and the Cahill serum have a history of clashing. (Muggle-repelling wards don't quite work, Cahills mistake magic for other branches' sabotage, witch hunts as an excuse to kill rival branch members, serum has magic properties, etc.)
  • The Clue Hunt goes to Hogwarts/magical Britain (most likely due to weirdness in Into the Gauntlet). Hijinks ensue.
  • Harry Potter characters get involved in the Clue Hunt. Hijinks ensue.

39 Clues/Big Hero 6
 - This is mostly for the chaos factor. (Also because, superheroing aside, Big Hero 6 characters are more or less well-adjusted members of society and 39 Clues members mostly... aren't.)
  • Characters are Cahills - Which branch do they belong to? How closely are they tied to that branch? How does this affect their personal relationships?
  • Starlings at SFIT - Maybe the Starlings are family friends with one of the students, or one of the triplets decides to go there for school, or they need a new piece of tech for reasons. Hijinks ensue.
  • The Clue Hunt goes to San Fransokyo. Hijinks (and fire) ensue.
  • Big Hero 6 characters get involved in the Clue Hunt. Hijinks ensue.

Harry Potter/Big Hero 6
 - I love it when magic meet/clash in fiction, mostly for the chaos that ensues, but I could also see a version of Clarke's Third Law going on; Big Hero 6's science is assumed to be/actually magic (or magic is assumed to be advanced tech by Big Hero 6).
  • Hermione spends some time in San Fransokyo for reasons. (Gap year? Magical exchange program? Boredom?) Hijinks ensue.
  • Harry is somehow related to the Tamadas. He's not sure what to think of his relatives, but they're certainly nothing like the Dursleys (or anyone else he's met, for that matter).
  • Magic AU - Honey Lemon is a Potions mistress, Baymax is some sort of golem, Wasabi is working on automated cutting charms, Gogo is trying to make the world's fastest broom
  • The Horcrux hunt leads to San Fransokyo.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Steven Universe, Nancy Drew (crossover, art or fic)

Fullmetal Alchemist/Steven Universe - Mostly for the inevitable chaos, but also because some of the characters meeting would be very interesting (and quite possibly hilarious).
  • Gem shards can function as philosopher's stones. (Alternately, philosopher's stones have some level of consciousness and can become a gem.)
  • Izumi and/or Olivier meet the Crystal Gems (During the Rebellion, on Earth, or in Amestris - I don't really care as long as warrior women get to do some possibly strange bonding.)
  • Maes isn't quite sure how he ended up in this pink plain, but at least he has someone to talk (and show pictures of Elisia, she's three now, isn't she just adorable) to.
  • Homeworld invades Amestris. People prepare to fight.
  • Ed and Steven switch places, either via bodyswap (Steven's mind in Ed's body, and vice versa) or random universe switch. Chaos ensues.
  • Lapis' mirror turns up in Ishval. Maybe she finds this miserable planet actually likable; maybe Ed fixes her gem via alchemy and she goes back to homeworld. Regardless, chaos ensues. (Lapis' power would be somewhat limited due to lack of nearby water, but it still wouldn't end well for anyone who annoyed her.)

Steven Universe/Nancy Drew
- Nancy is used to some weird things happening around her, but Beach City takes that concept a bit too far.
  • The mystery ends up leading to the Crystal gems even though it's seemingly unrelated.
  • Nancy trying to get anything out of Reynaldo
  • Nancy making very logical, sound deductions that are completely wrong because gems are involved.

Nancy Drew/Fullmetal Alchemist - Nancy gets more than she bargained for when she investigates a mystery in Amestris.
  • A seemingly benign case leads to something much bigger (i.e., animal cruelty ends up with Tucker, anything ends up with the Promised Day)
  • She wasn't even in Amestris for a case. (A la Captive Witness, she ends up involved in chaos for purely circumstantial reasons.)
  • Maes Hughes was a friend of her father, and they're covertly investigating his death.

Fullmetal Alchemist/Big Hero 6 (Crossover or fusion, art or fic) - For the SCIENCE!!!
  • The State Alchemists as grad students at SFIT
  • Big Hero 6 gets dumped into Amestris. Hijinks ensue. (Especially if the State Military is freaking out over the new tech).
  • Honey Lemon learns alkahestry and/or alchemy. Superhero fights in San Fransokyo get a little more interesting.
  • Ed nerding out with Big Hero 6.
  • FMA AU - Big Hero 6 are all alchemists or Mustang's team (with Tadashi as Maes)
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Hi author! I go by [ profile] Brachylagus_fandom on AO3, and I'm really excited about you writing me something in one of these tiny-to-nonexistent fandoms!

Here be spoilers.

  • Porn
  • Mundane AUs - canon-divergent AUs and fusions are fine
  • Scientific accuracy and/or plausibility - definitely not required, but I would be in awe if you managed to fit it into some of these canons
  • Historical accuracy - ditto
  • Hijinks/adventures
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Missing scenes
  • Worldbuilding
  • Competent characters being competent

Mysterious Benedict Society
- Kate Wetherall, Milligan, Constance Contraire
Four exceptional children must take on dangerous missions to defeat a villain! As a former GT kid who spent way too much of elementary school reading under the desk, I found the main characters very realistic and relatable. I also enjoyed the puzzles presented explicitly and implicitly in the text that you got to think over along with the main characters.
This canon is three longish books, but they're all very quick reads. Spoilers for the end of book one and Constance's development in book three.

- I'd love to see how she changes as she grows up.
  • Her powers - Do they get stronger or more consistent as she grows older? Do they get less taxing because some of the exhaustion was because she's so young/still at an age where she'd need naps regardless of magic mind powers? Do the side effects of overextending herself get worse as she gets older even if she does it less frequently?
  • Growing up with Mr. Benedict - What's her education like? (Does she continue to be homeschooled? When/if she goes to school, how does she deal with being the smallest/youngest due to probably skipping grades? Is it very focused or often tangential? How regular is it?) Which adult is her favorite and why? Are there any security incidents due to escaped/never captured allies of Mr. Curtain?
  • AU where she was successfully sent to LIVE - how does that change her personality? Does she behave/perform better or worse? Does she still meet and/or bond with Reynie, Sticky, and Kate?
  • Her poetry - any shape, any form. Does she branch out in insulting style? Does she make some that isn't insulting?
  • Crossover option - Constance is somehow related to Otto from H.I.V.E. Hijinks ensue.

The Wetherall Family
 - I love the bond between Kate and Milligan in the books, especially the way their outlooks clash but they both keep supplies on hand to be prepared for any eventuality.
  • I'd love to see how Kate and Milligan reconnect after the first book; they've both spent the past decade or so basically alone, and Kate has some pretty big abandonment issues at times in the first book. Is Kate wary of him leaving again at first? Is Milligan worried that he'll mess something up?
  • Their normal life - Cue some silly domestic fluff. What's Milligan's job like? How is Kate doing in school? (How does the school administration deal with the Wetheralls, raptors, spies, and all?) How does Moocho fit into it? Do they ever go see Kate's circus?
  • Milligan meets Moocho - I view Moocho as sort of Kate's Replacement Dad when she was at the circus. How does Milligan react to him? Do they share stories? How does Moocho end up living in their house? (I could see Milligan and Moocho as either in a relationship or as platonic partners in child-rearing.)
  • An AU where they met differently - Maybe the orphanage sends Kate to LIVE instead of letting her join the circus, or maybe she doesn't respond to Mr. Benedict's ad, or maybe his subconscious recognizes Kate in the circus posters, or any number of other things lead to Kate and Milligan meeting at a different time/place. How does this change their relationship? Would the appearance of a younger Kate act as a trigger for Milligan's memory?
  • I'm also curious about Kate's mother; is she actually dead or "merely departed"? What was she like before her death/disappearing? How did Milligan meet her? (Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it involved Milligan getting seriously injured.)

- the perpetually injured secret agent man
  • Background - when did he become a secret agent? Why? Why does he have the farm house? Did someone take care of it or was it in disrepair when he returned there?
  • What were his missions beside the one to Nomansan Island like? Did any of them go south?
  • What were his coworkers like? How do they react to him coming back?
  • After the end of the first book, does he have all of his memories back or is he still missing some? Did the brainsweeping have a permanent effect on his memory?

Kate - I love all the characters in this series (even the villains at times), but Kate is my personal favorite.
  • What was her life like in the circus? What were the other performers like? What sort of hijinks did she get up to?
  • How does she adjust to normal-ish life (going to school, having a parent around, etc.) after the first book ends? Does she join any school clubs? Does she make friends?
  • Her relationship with Madge - I really, really liked Madge in the second book, especially Kate's "I've got a pet that can easily peck my eyes out! Stroke her feathers, they're so soft!" attitude. How did Kate get Madge in the first place? (Was she a rescue of some sort?) Has Madge ever saved Kate?

39 Clues
- Any
A wide variety of characters travel on a dangerous journey to win an ultimate prize! The various characters work both with and against each other, and while most of them know what they're doing (or, at the least, what they're doing it for), the two main protagonists, Amy and Dan, don't have a clue. (On rereads, watching Amy and Dan stumble through the Clue Hunt is pretty funny.) I really liked the wide variety of both areas and degrees of competence the cast displayed, and I found the inclusion of adult characters (of varying motives and alliances, some of whom didn't end up dead nor evil) refreshing. The history and locations included (mangled as they probably were) were also interesting.
This series is probably the hardest to obtain; it's a lot of (very short) books by many different authors. The prompts are primarily based off the first series (which is 11 books long), but there are spoilers for the second series in the "Sinead" section.

Crossover/Fusion option - Characters from another fandom (I don't care which) are Cahills. Hijinks ensue.
  • What branch are they? How strongly/exclusively do they display their branch's trait?
  • How loyal are they to their branch - are they staunchly loyal to their branch leader? For the idea of the branch but not its leadership? A Madrigal/Vesper? Out of this mess completely and glad of it?
  • Incidents where they meet and clash heads due to being Cahill agents
  • 39 Clues characters (Grace, Arthur/Hope and kids, the Holts, the Starlings, branch heads, etc.) are mutual acquaintances/enemies
  • Something gets set on fire. (It's the Cahill way, after all.)

Historical Cahills
- The bits of (probably inaccurate) history were one of my favorite parts of the first series. In short, every major figure in the past 400 years (and a significant portion in the century before that) is a Cahill. All of them. Even the ones who have no ties to Europe (let alone Ireland) in the slightest.
  • What branch are they? How are they related to the Cahills?
  • Do they have any contact with other Cahills?
  • What kinds of missions do they take on?

Fiske - AKA The Man in Black. I like the way he interacts with Amy and Dan and am curious about his decision to go completely off the map. 
  • Life before disappearing - did he ever do Cahill business? Was their one inciting incident to his disappearing act? If so, what?
  • Relationship with Grace - How did it change when he went into hiding? How close were they when they died? Were there boundaries they had with regards to each others' missions that they didn't have elsewhere?
  • What did he do as the Man in Black? - missions (gone horribly wrong/right), protecting agents, attempted recruitment, checking up on people (Hope & Arthur, Grace, old friends, etc.)
  • Relationship with Hope - Were they in contact? Did he stay away to keep attention away from her? Did she know his identity? Were there any times when they got to act like normal family members?
  • Relationship with Amy - In Storm Warning, Amy sees Dan in Fiske; did Fiske have a similar experience with Amy and Hope (or Grace)? How did the first few month after the Clue Hunt go? (Misconceptions Fiske had about dealing with two teenagers, misunderstandings, general awkwardness, etc.) Is there anything he keeps from her (and Dan) that he wouldn't have kept from Grace?
  • Relationship with Fiske - How did it change as they grew up? (In Vesper's Rising, she's practically raising him; does this continue as he gets older? How does their involvement in Cahill affairs change how they interact?) How did it change when he went into hiding? How does it affect the missions they take and their decisionmaking in regards to each other? In Storm Warning, Amy sees Dan in Fiske; did Grace see it the other way around?
  • Relationship with Amy (and Dan) - I love how their perception of her changes through the series. How did she balance preparing them for the Clue Hunt (teaching Amy to research, training Dan's memory, etc.) with keeping them from the Clue Hunt? (Did she try to do a similar thing with Hope?) Why did she think sending them to live with Beatrice was the best course of action? (An AU where she raises them more directly would be appreciated.)
  • Missions - We got hints of this in the books, but no incidents besides the one in Vespers Rising are ever explicitly shown. (Though, considering that one's her first, it explains a lot about Dan and Amy's decisionmaking processes.) What kind of reputation did her missions have  within the Madrigals, in the general Cahill community, and within the Vespers? How was it earned? Reckless stunts (that may or may not end well), more careful/delicate things (that are easy to fuck up), managing agents in the field instead of being the field agent for the first time, etc.
  • Books - What are her favorites? Why? When has her knowledge from books (e.g., extinct languages, animal care, ancient history) unexpectedly come in handy?
  • Readjusting to normal life after the Clue Hunt - not for long, obviously, but how did it go? Any awkward moments?
  • Relationship with Dan - I found their relationship as siblings (they love each other, but they have major differences in their though processes, and those sometimes come out as yelling) very realistic. How do they cope with all of the insanity they've gone through? What's their "normal" life like? Sibling bonding moments would be great.

  • Relationship with Amy (and Dan) - What were they expecting her to be like based on past experiences with au pairs, and how did she fulfill/subvert them? How long has she known them? 
  • Training - How aware was she that it wasn't "normal" afterschool activities? What was the extent of it? Were there any areas she excelled/failed dismally at?

  • Backstory - Did he ever go on Ekat missions? How did he get his limp? How did he know Hope/Arthur?
  • His burrito's - Where did he get the idea? (At random? Wishful thinking while on mission? Fight with Bae Oh?) Did any of the Ekats (eventualy) react positively to it? (Maybe it meant better rations for a mission or they just thought the science was cool.)
  • Relationship with younger Cahills - He acts as an honorary uncle to both the triplets and Amy and Dan, and I find that great. (Especially since there isn't a tragic backstory involving children behind it.) It's also  clear that he ends up taking care of the Starling triplets after the Hunt is over; why? Does he bond with other teenaged agents or just the Starlings and Amy and Dan?

  • Life before the Clue Hunt - What was she learning? What were her (potentially nonexistent) parents like? Did she and her brothers spend a lot of time with Alistair?
  • Relationship with her brothers - What do they fight over? What do they bond over? How did they pull themselves back together during the Clue Hunt?
  • Time as a Vesper - How did she join them? (Did she seek them out or vice versa?) Why? What did she have to do to join? Was her time at Cahill manor part of a mission?

William McIntyre
  • Past - What kinds of missions did he take? How much trouble did he get in? How did he meet Grace?
  • Relationship with Grace - He was her most trusted advisor (and her lawyer/executor), but they also clashed heads occasionally. What did they fight about? Were their occasions where she didn't follow his advice?
  • Cahill Legal issues - a lot like normal legal work, just with some more fire and murder.

Irina Spasky
  • What kinds of missions did she go one for the Lucians? Did any of them go wrong?
  • Her family - How did she meet her husband? How did he die? Was Nikolai's death really an accident?
  • Poison nails - Who came up with the idea? What was the learning curve involved like? (e.g., poison nails stuck into inanimate objects, poison nails stuck into her, poison nails breaking, poisons nails leaking...)

H.I.V.E. series - Diabolus Darkdoom, Nigel Darkdoom, Maximilian Nero, Theodore Pike, Laura Brand, Shelby Trinity
Four teenagers at a school for villains have hijinks-filled adventures! While the trouble Otto and/or Co. get up to is definitely engaging and fun at times, I also have a soft spot for the older generation of baddies. I love the way this series alternately abides by, lampshades, and subverts assorted action tropes, the "I may be a supervillain/design evil lairs/occasionally threaten to kill the protagonists, but I have standards!" that most of the adults play totally straight being my favorite example.
This series is currently eight books long, all written by Mark Walden, and there are spoilers (particularly but not exclusively for the backstory bits) up through Deadlock, the eighth book. I'd also personally recommend skipping the first book; in my opinion, the second serves as a much more engaging jumping-off point.

Diabolus Darkdoom
  • Past - How did he become a villain? How did he meet Nero? What were his evil plans like? Why does he have a much better relationship with Nero's dad than Nero does?
  • On/Off Villainy - He's pretty infamous within G.L.O.V.E. (and has an MI6 file), but Nigel didn't know he was a villain until he was sent to H.I.V.E., and it's strongly implied his wife didn't know, either. How did he maintain this illusion? Were there any occasions when he had to switch roles rapidly?
  • Relationship with Nigel - I find their relationship after Diabolus comes back completely adorable. Anything with these two interacting would be amazing. ("Bring your kid into your plot" day pre-series? Many, many hospital bedside interactions? Nigel dealing with Diabolus' death only to learn he's alive?)
  • Him and His Toys - if giant, invisible transport and weapons count as "toys." Has he always been a huge tech nerd? When did his tendencies towards "anything you can build, I can build better" start? How did he build the Dreadnought and the Megalodon while he was in hiding?

Dr. Nero
  • Backstory - How did he meet Diabolus? How did he join G.L.O.V.E. (While Diabolous has hints of a life outside villainy, Nero doesn't; did he start out in G.L.O.V.E. because of his dad?)
  • Elena - Who was she to him? What was her relationship to the Furans? What happened to her?
  • Day-to-day running of H.I.V.E. - just like normal school, but with more explosions
  • Evil Plans - While Nero is pretty much the definition of Lawful Evil (well, Ethical Evil), he had to have done something to earn him infamy. What?

Professor Pike
  • Scientific experiments that went horribly wrong and/or right - He's a mad scientist who has turned one of his coworkers into a cat and (accidentally!) used a superlaser to punch a hole through the school. What other experiments make Nero want to pull his hair out?
  • Relationship with Nathaniel - Again, everyone else has a better relationship with Nero's dad then Nero does. How did these two meet? Do they have Old Men Who Are Done with This Nonsense get-togethers?
  • Relationship with his students - He's not very good safety supervision (see: Violet, the laser incident), but he does like them. Do his students like him? Do they understand what he's talking about? Does he help them with their more dubious projects (like he gave Shelby the flash drive in Deadlock)?

  • Her computer skills - Where did she learn them? How? Did her parents know about them? When have they come in handy?
  • Relationship with her family - They're all great. (And, besides Laura, likely to never appear again, but they're still great.) She loves them, they love her, but she's not allowed to go home to see them under threat of imprisonment. How do they cope? Does Douglas ask about his older sister as he grows up? When she graduates from H.I.V.E., does she go to visit them? Have either have her parents done something mildly villainous before?
  • Schemes (possibly with the rest of the gang) that go horribly right.
  • Future - What kind of work does she do? How successful is she as a villain? DOes she teach computer science/electronic security at H.I.V.E.?

  • The Wraith - How did she become the Wraith? Why? What is the craziest thing she did to make a heist work?
  • Backstory - Where did she come from? What was her family like? Did she leave anyone behind when she went to H.I.V.E.?
  • Schemes (possibly with the rest of the gang) that go horribly right.
  • Future - Does she return to heists or does she do something else? Does she teach physical security at H.I.V.E.?

  • Relationship with his father - It's very adorable. How did he cope with Diabolus' "death"? What (mis)adventured did they have before said "death"? Do they have (mis)adventures after he comes back?
  • Future - I can see this going one of two ways; he'll either turn out as a well-adjusted and mostly legal member of society, or he'll set loose plant monsters on an unsuspecting public. (The plant monster comes from the first book.) Which happens? Why? Is his father proud (and slightly scared) of him?

Number the Stars - Peter Neilson, Lise Johansen, Annemarie Johansen, Ellen Rosen
A girl must smuggle her best friend out of Nazi-occupied Denmark! I found this book very heartwarming, and I loved the way that Annemarie is both sheltered from and painfully aware of the reality of the situation at different times.
This canon is probably the easiest to pick up; it's one very short book.

  • Her life in the resistance - How did she join the resistance? (Via Peter or some other means?) What kind of ops did she run? Did she and Peter run ops together?
  • Her normal life - What did she do with her sisters? How did she meet Peter? What kinds of dates did they go on?
  • Anything involving the two mixing together
  • His life in the resistance - How did he join the resistance? (Via Lise or some other means?) What kind of ops did he run? Did he and Lise run ops together?
  • His normal life - How did he meet Lise? What kinds of dates did they go on? Did he meet her sisters? Did they like him?
  • Anything involving the two mixing together

  • After the war ends, does she come back to Amsterdam? Does she make contact with Annemarie?
  • What does she do after she flees to Sweden?
  • What was her life like before the Nazi occupation? How did she and Annemarie meet?

  • What was her life like before the Nazi occupation? How did she meet Ellen?
  • Does she join the resistance? Does she send Ellen letters?
  • Relationship with her sisters - How does her relationship with Kirsti change as they grow up? How does her perception of Lise change after Ellen's escape? What was Lise like before she died?

Singular Menace - Odin Remby, Shay Remby, Twist
A girl on a mission to find and save her brother (along with some friends/allies) uncovers the actions of an evil corporation along the way! I really liked the seriousness of this canon and found the "science" interesting.
This series is three longish books, and there are spoilers for the first two.

  • Pre-Uncaged Life - How often did she talk to Odin? What was her life like? How was she doing in school? (She probably skipped a year of math somewhere, but we don't know anything beyond that.) How did she meet graffiti artists in Eugene?
  • Relationship with her mom - What was it like before she died? Did she teach Shay anything? Is she really dead?

  • Animal activism - How did it start? How did he meet Rachel/Storm? How does it continue as he grows up?
  • Tech skills - Where did he learn them? How did he develop them? 
  • Relationship with his mom - What was it like before she died? Did she teach him anything? (His tech skills? About animals?) Is she really dead?

  • Backstory - we get hints of it (former foster kid, at one point homeless, leg injury from being badly beaten while homeless, etc.), but I'm really curious how he ended up running the Twist hotel. How did he meet Dum and Dee? How did he meet Cruz and Cade?
  • Kids he's met over the years - weird situations, things that went incredibly wrong/right, etc.
  • His art - how did he get started? Was it always explicitly political?
  • (Mis)adventures - judging by the hotel stunt at the beginning of Uncaged (and his general willingness to roll and/or assist with Shay's stunts), Twist has done a lot of crazy things. What was his first stunt like? How did it turn out? What other crazy things has he done over the years? Why?

The Time Hunters - Percy Halifax, John Mellor, Becky Mellor, Joe Mellor
Time travel hijinks! I liked the variety of times and places they traveled to (and the costumes they wore there) as well as Bowen Hall's menagerie of animals from the past. The characters' relationships to each other were also wonderful and very compelling.
One quick reminder that this is the series by Carl Ashmore, not the one by Chris Blake. (The titles should follow the format "The Time Hunters and the _ of _" instead of being one word.) This series is five books long, but spoilers are mostly for the first book only, with some details from later books in the "John" and "Joe" sections.

  • The OTTERS - What were they like? What kind of (mis)adventures did they get up to? Did they build their first time machine together? (If so, what vehicle was it? Who kept it?) Were their any signs of Drake's villainy before he faked his own death? Do they ever meet up after they graduated (and some of them stopped travelling?)
  • Bowen Hall's creatures - How did Percy get some of them? Do they have any unusual habits? Which ones are his favorites? Maria's? Will's?
  • Percy is used to losing people. He's not used to them coming back into his life alive, especially after he's heard their dying words. (Can be played as either comedy or tragedy.)
  • His inventions - How well do they work? How well do they sell? How long do they take to make? Have any of them gone hilariously wrong?
  • Relationship with John - It's clear that these two love each other but don't always understand each other. How does John react when he learns that Percy kept the secret of time travel from him? How did their last fight go? (How much of it was really about the kids? Did Percy point out John's hypocrisy on the subject since he had interfered in both of their lives using time travel?) If John hadn't been captured, would they have eventually made up?
  • Meetings with other time travelers - How well do they get along? Do they ever cross paths in the past? (I really liked the bits with other travelers in the later books - the city, the GITT party, Bruce the florist/cowboy... all of it)

  • How much did he know about the relics before he was captured? How did he get the Suman Stone? (Did Edgar give it to him, knowing that it would end up in Becky's hands? Did it come up with the disk from Knossos? Did it fall into mortal hands at some point?) Why did he give it to Becky? (Did he think it best to hide it in plain sight, or did he not understand its significance?)
  • His time imprisoned - Did he know anything? Did he tell Drake anything? How did Drake try to coerce him into talking?
  • Relationship with Percy - It's clear that these two love each other but don't always understand each other. How does John react when he learns that Percy kept the secret of time travel from him? How did their last fight go? (How much of it was really about the kids? Did Percy point out John's hypocrisy on the subject since he had interfered in both of their lives using time travel?) If John hadn't been captured, would they have eventually made up?
  • Adventures in the ice cream truck - Where and when did he like to go? What sorts of trouble did he get into? Did he ever take Becky, Joe, and/or his wife with him? (Before or after he got back - either is fine by me.)

  • Her powers - Where do they come from? What are their limits? Do they diminish over time or get stronger/stay as unpredictable?
  • Animals - She bonds with most of the less-than-human cast. Which ones are her favorites? Why?
  • History classes get a lot more interesting for Becky and/or the other students.
  • Living a normal(ish) life after the last book ends - Visits to Uncle Percy, going to school, going on dates, and generally being a normal teenager with some caveats attached.

  • In an attempt to save Will, Joe ends up stuck in the past. He takes the opportunity to be ones of his childhood heroes: Robin Hood.
  • History classes get a lot more interesting for everyone involved. (Blurting out details about the Argonauts, claiming that Robin Hood's Merry Men were real, generally giving his teachers a headache, etc.)
  • Return to Normal(ish) life - How does he deal with having his dad back? Do they go out to visit Uncle Percy (and the past) sometimes?

Time Traveling hijinks
- aka canon without Drake
  • How did Percy collect some of Bowen Hall's creatures?
  • Meeting your past self is strange. Nearly being killed by your past self is even stranger.
  • Accidental severe damage to the timeline - What happens next? How do they fix it?
  • Costumes for the past
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 Hello creator! I go by Brachylagus_fandom over on AO3.

  • porn
  • issuefic
  • worldbuilding
  • music
  • hijinks
  • hurt/comfort
  • comedy, especially twisted comedy and/or satire
  • crack treated seriously
  • crack not treated seriously
  • slice of life type scenes
  • Fluff/They Got Better scenarios
  • Dark fic that just twists the canon slightly (or, occasionally, not) to make something horrifying
Art-Specific likes: Because I suck at writing art prompts.
  • bold lines/colors
  • scenery
  • Slice of life (as fluffy or dark as you want)
  • clothing details, especially if the clothing isn't typical for everyday wear now (e.g. formal clothes, period pieces, costumes...)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoold and Manga
Complex plot, badass female characters, tightly defined magic, badass female characters, horrifying government conspiracy, badass female characters, epic fight scenes, badass female characters... Throw in cool music and this show would cater perfectly to my tastes! I love everything about Brotherhood and the manga, but never managed to get into the 2003 anime, so I would like anything to be in the Brotherhood/manga universe.

Mei Chan|May Chang
  • Out of all the members of the Chang clan, why was May sent to Amestris? And why did she go alone?
  • Fighting with or without Xiao Mei
  • learning alkahestry
  • Where did she get her interpretation of Ed from? Is there a "Adventures of Hot Young Alchemist Monthly"? Was she basing it on Hoenheim?
  • Her and Al after the Promised Day
Lan Fan
  • Recovering from automail surgery
  • Backstory - training, how she was selected to guard Ling, etc.
  • Guarding Ling as he travels
  • Mourning Fu's death
Olivier Armstrong
  • Life at Fort Briggs
  • Childhood with Alex
  • Does she have anything of her own that's been passed down through the Armstrong family for generations?
Izumi Curtis
  • Backstory - how did she get interested in alchemy? How and when did she fall in love with Sig? (bonus points if it's something very strange (i.e., standing over an animal's corpse or attempted murder) treated as romantic)
  • Teaching Ed and Al
  • Her normal life, with or without health issues
Harry Potter: Books
This was my first fandom when I was a kid, and I still haven't managed to escape the magic of it. 

Hermione Granger
  • Books. Anything about books.
  • Breaking out Sirius wasn't the first time she used that time turner for something other than studying.
  • Adventures with Ron and Harry
  • Her rise to political power after the war
Minerva McGonagall
  • Learning to become an Animagus - What does it entail? How long does it take? Why is she a tabby cat?
  • Dealing with students, either book or marauders era
  • How did she get Hermione the time turner? Was it treated as a pretty normal (if unusual) request, or was it a total bureaucratic nightmare?
Andromeda Black Tonks
  • Childhood as a Black
  • Marrying Ted and leaving her family
  • Raising (and burying) Tonks
  • What did she do during the First or Second Wizarding war?
Susan Bones
  • What did she do during the Second Wizarding war?
  • Joining and working in the DA
  • Her time at Hogwarts - how much of Harry's adventures did she know about at the time? How much did she believe?
Angelina Johnson
  • Quidditch at Hogwarts
  • What did she do during the war? What did she do after it ended?
  • After she graduated, did she join a professional Quidditch team or did she keep her interest as a side hobby?

Harry Potter: Founders Era
What most intrigues me about the founders is that we know next to nothing about them. Where did the founders come from? How did they meet? How did they build the castle? We don't know! Any knowledge of the period would be great, but if it's inaccurate, I probably won't be able to tell.

Helga Hufflepuff
  • Backstory - where did she come from? What was her family like? How did she meet the other founders?
  • When Helga said she'd take them all, she meant it. (A werewolf/squib/etc. wants to attend Hogwarts, and Helga can't turn them away.)
  • Teaching in the early days of Hogwarts.
Rowena Ravenclaw
  • General backstory - her family, how she met the other founders, etc.
  • Establishing and running Hogwarts
  • Pottermore mentions that Hogwarts is called Hogwarts because Rowena dreamed of a pig leading her to the site. Did this really happen, or was it made up? If it's real, were prophetic dreams a normal thing for Rowena or was it a one-time thing?
Hunger Games: Books or Movies
I love Hunger Games mostly for the twistedness: child murder, adult fear, the fact that the victors don't get to live in peace afterwards... go as dark as you want, honestly.

  • Life before the reaping - What's her family like? Did she go to school? How was work?
  • Reaping day - There's some uncertainty in the books of how Eleven does its reapings due to its large population, so maybe something off of that. Emotional angst is a given.
  • Preparing for the games - interviews, the chariot ride, training, etc.
  • The Games - What did she do in the games before meeting Katniss? Why did she help Katniss? How did she get trapped? 
  • Aftermath of her death, maybe?
Johanna Mason
  • Backstory - What was her life like before she was reaped? What was her arena like?
  • Aftermath of her win
  • What's her talent?
  • Interactions with other victors
  • The third Quarter Quell - how did she initially react? What was her plan going in?
  • Her time in the Capitol during the rebellion
  • Her role in the rebellion
  • After the rebellion - What's her life like? What does she do?
  • Her games - What was her arena like? What was her strategy? How did she win?
  • How much did she know about the rebel's plan going into the Quarter Quell? How much does she understand?
  • Before the games - Mags was a child during the Dark Days, so maybe something stemming from that.
  • What were her games like? - arena, strategies, features that have fallen out of favor or aren't in practice yet
  • Her life as a victor - mentoring, watching the games change over the years
Annie Cresta
  • Her life before the games - because that seriously screwed her up.
  • After the games - Was she even worse in the beginning? How does she cope?
  • After the war - Does she get better? What's her life like?
Steven Universe: Show
This show manages to line up with my tastes really, really closely. The balance of (and occasional wild oscillation between) a fluffy kid's show and something really dark, the way it handles its characters (mostly Pearl's) issues, the music, the various gems and their assorted badassery and awesomeness... I wish we could get a new Crystal Gem for more than about an episode at a time because the ads are kind of bait-and-switch in that respect, but there's little else I could ask for.

  • Her issues. Any (or all) of them.
  • Repurcussions from the Sardonyx incident
  • Does she hook up with Mystery Girl?
  • Internal dialogue between Ruby and Sapphire
  • Does she still have the ice/fire powers in fused form
  • Futurevision - its benefits and drawbacks
Lapis Lazuli
  • The making of the meep-morps
  • Living at the farm with Peridot
  • It's taken some time, but she's grown to like Earth.
  • Her exploring the oceans - she has power over water, so she can find the cool stuff really quickly, and she doesn't need to breathe, so she doesn't have to worry about getting the bends or resurfacing for air.
  • Fighting as a Crystal Gem
  • AU where she's not bubbled at the end of her episode
  • Various creations of hers - are there non-weapon ones?
  • She finds Crazy Lace, Biggs, and/or Snowflake. It's not pretty. (I've seen some speculation that the two big corruptions at the Beta Kindergarten were Crazy Lace (Aget) and Biggs (Jasper), and I think it's a pretty clever idea.)
  • Clearly, she's had a talk with her parents since Nightmare Hospital. How did it go?
  • Fighting corrupted/homeworld gems, with or without the others
  • moments of geekiness
  • Reuniting with the Crystal Gems
  • Pranks they've dealt on Aget
  • Willful disobedience before/during/after Steven's visit
Blue Diamond & Yellow Diamond
  • How they deal with Pink Diamond's death both together and separately
  • Their plans for revenge
  • How do they treat their other colony worlds, especially after Pink Diamond's demise?
  • Does Blue Diamond visit Earth regularly?
Garnet & Pearl & Amethyst
  • (Trying to) raise Steven
  • Dealing with Rose being gone
Connie & Pearl
  • Connie's sword training

Steven Universe: Rose's Rebellion
Because we know next to nothing about this time, and it his the "morally dubious protagonists" spot hard. Fight scenes are a very good option for all of these.

  • Backstory - who did she belong to? How did she escape them? How did she meet Rose?
  • Rose is mostly a strong, charistmatic figurehead; she's the real brains of the rebellion.
  • Starting her role in the rebellion as a spy - no one pays attention to people they view as lower, so no one would suspect them.
  • How did her issues surrounding Rose spring up?
  • The first few awkward days (weeks... months... years...) of joining the Rebellion
  • Her splitting up and going undercover.
  • Using futurevision to plan attacks, and something going horribly wrong.
Lapis Lazuli
  • Why did Homeworld assume she was a traitor?
  • Why was she locked in the mirror?
  • Using Earth's water (oceans, rivers, ponds, clouds) as her primary weapon
Rose Quartz
  • Why did she start a revolution?
  • Meeting the others, one by one
  • Rose is the head of the rebellion, but she's not sure she can control it.
  • Shattering Pink DIamond - Why? How?
  • Backstory - where did she come from? Why did she join the Rebellion?
  • Why did she think the Breaking Point was necessary?
  • Her starting in the rebellion not as a soldier or weaponmaker but as a spy - no one paid attention to her, and she definitely has the ability to lie well enough to do it.
Group: Bismuth & Rose Quartz
  • How did they get along before the Breaking Point?
  • Their argument
  • Bismuth's Bubbling - why did Rose think it was necessary to do and hide it? Did Bismuth think it was a temporary thing at the time?
Original Work: I requested these in  sets as well as under the "Original Work" canon helper, but I'm fine with getting any of these characters in any genre. 

Original Work Only - Because these didn't scream a particular genre to me.  Knowledge of the character's field is a plus.

  • What are her students like?
  • How does she feel about them?
  • How does she feel about her coworkers?
  • Her day-to day job
  • Something goes horribly wrong, and only she can fix it.
  • She's weirdly attached to her tools (gives them names, doesn't share, talks to them, etc...)
  • Inventions gone horribly wrong... or horribly right
  • For art, maybe blueprints or a patent?
Scientist - Any field, any point in time (or not - speculative is okay, too!)
  • Things go horribly wrong (or right).
  • Things blow up in her face (literally).
  • Field-specific info
  • If (faux) historical - How did she get to her position? (I love stories of early female scientists working hard to get the respect they've earned.)
  • Patient comes in with mysterious illness and Doctor must diagnose and save them!
  • General day to day job - what field does she work in? (e.g., pediatrics, radiology, oncology, cardiology, ENT, the list goes on and on... maybe even a vet?) What are her patients like?
  • If sci-fi, treating aliens with anatomical differences
  • Her latest dig uncovers some interesting artifacts.
  • Paperwork associated with digs
  • Writing things up for a museum exhibit/acting as a docent, maybe?
Revolutionary - Any revolution, fictional or real (if real, preferably googleable so I have some clue what's going on)
  • What are they fighting for? Why?
  • Do they get what they're fighting for?
  • Cue Les Mis jokes (or Hamilton or 1776 jokes, if you would prefer) - men in tight pants, breaking into song, life about to start in heaven, etc.
Science Fiction

Natural Scientist on Newly Discovered World
  • What does the planet look like? - Composition, atmosphere, weather patterns, solar system
  • Can life live on it? (Is life already living there?)
  • If it isn't hospitable, is there a way back? 
  • Why are humans exploring space? (Crapsack world a la Interstellar optional)
  • Why did our intrepid astronaut decide to go? - honor, duty, necessity?
  • What was her training like?
  • Places she's been
  • Places she's going
  • Unique environments
  • Has she met any aliens? What did they look like?
  • Why did she decide to travel?
  • Astronaut training
  • Why did she decide to be an astronaut?
  • Looking down/back at the Earth
  • Life in zero-g (or substantially less g if on Mars/Moon)
Time Traveler
  • When is she from?
  • Places she likes to visit
  • Jokey anachronisms, especially blatantly wrong costuming (i.e., poodle skirt in Victorian London)
Spaceship Captain
  • How does gravity work - central rotation, living in zero g, or **handwave**?
  • Dealing with the crew/passengers
  • Where is she going? Why?

  • Who is she spying for? Why?
  • Who is she spying on? Why?
  • What are her methods like? (deep cover, honeypot, hacking, anything at all - plausibility is not the issue here)
  • Her cover is blown, and she needs to escape in one piece.
  • She meets some allies along the way.
  • Saving the world isn't easy, especially when you're also going through school/holding a job/taking care of someone/etc.
  • Calamity as cock(or, rather, vagina)block - her dates keep getting interrupted (in increasingly ridiculous ways and at increasingly exasperating times) by supervillain attacks/alien invasions/monster attacks/etc.
  • Her identity is revealed, and she has to face the fallout.
  • Revolving door of impermanent deaths
  • Why is she evil? (Megalomania? Boredom? Evil via method and not intent?)
  • Her cunning schemes (and how they blow up in her face)
  • If going the "Evil Because I Can" or "Evil Because I'm a Megalomaniac" routes, signs her parents really should have caught of her future evilness. (Personally, I'm picturing entirely impossible plans of DOOM in scribbled in crayon.)
  • What's her life like outside of world domination?
  • Revloving door of impermanent deaths
  • Debates, either polite and respectful or devolving very quickly into nastiness
  • She is targeted by Spy.
  • Politics is an art of compromise and talking (sometimes yelling) over other people. She's still working on that first part.
  • How did she get into politics?
  • Is she the Intrepid Idealist (who's about to have her dreams crushed) or the World-Weary Pragmatist (who will realize she's forsaken her principles for action)?
  • She manages to get something she wants done. She celebrates.
Mad Scientist
  • The full extent of her insanity. (Horror optional but perfectly fine by me; however dark you go, I've almost definitely seen worse.)
  • Has she always been a mad scientist, or did she start out normal(ish)?
  • She's a botanist, and things go wrong with some genetic manipulation. (aka She makes an Aubrey from Little Shop of Horrors)
  • She's a chemist and almost blows up the city.
  • She's a doctor, and human experimentation is involved.
  • She's an engineer, and there are killer robots (or robot ninjas, or killer mechs, or any other ridiculous robot trope) involved.
  • She comes to her senses once everything has gone past the point of no return.
Mad Scientist & Monstrous Creation
  • Treating the monster like a precious pet.
  • The monster acts like a pet animal - turns over for belly rubs, hogs the heater, plays fetch, etc.
  • Full horror - The monster was formed from a loved one. (Note FMA request above)
  • The monster is the one in real control
Private Investigator
  • casefic
  • She's hired to clear the name of an old friend/enemy.
  • She's hired to surveil an old friend/enemy.
  • Things she's seen she wishes she could forget.

Detective & Medical Examiner
  • casefic
  • Detective is dead. ME does the autopsy.
  • Working together, especially if their personalities are at odds
  • ME is missing. Detective must find them.
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 Hello worldbuilder! I go by Brachylagus_fandom on AO3 and might take a bit to comment due to real life perpetually kicking my ass! Most of this letter boils down to "what would happen if x... SHINY THING!", but I will love anything not involving my DNWs. Feel free to mix and match prompts as well.

  • Sex
  • Issuefic
  • Gore (injuries are OK, but guts aren't)
  • How elements interconnect
  • Implications of policies, decisions, etc.
  • Something that showcases the writer's knowledge/experience in a field
  • Music
  • Art, especially with period-specific/appropriate styles
  • History.
  • SCIENCE!!!
  • Fluff
  • Psychological horror
  • Mysteries
  • Action/Adventure
  • Politics!

Mysterious Benedict Society - This series (by Trenton Lee Stewart) leaves a lot of interesting open ends for worldbuilding.

Backstory - In some ways, I think the backstories of the characters in canon could be more interesting than canon.
  • Milligan, before he got sent to Nomansan Island, afterwards, or a mix of the two
  • Other exceptional children Mr. Benedict found over the years (i.e., Rhonda, Number Two, or Exceptional Child(ren))
  • Kate at the circus
  • The Executives/Messengers, since it's implied some of them were kidnapped and brainswept
  • The Helpers, particularly why they were brainswept
  • As a non-character alternative, the progress of the Emergency
Media and Propaganda - What it says on the tin 
  • Whisperer messages and the interpretations thereof
  • News during the Emergency
  • In The Prisoner's Dilemma, some of the media still favors Curtain despite lack of Whisperer influence and his various crimes being exposed. Why?
The Power of the Human Brain - Also exactly as advertised
  • An exploration of Constance's vaguely defined mental powers
  • The Whisperer/Brainsweeper
  • Sticky's memory and occasional failings thereof
Technology - This is an excuse to let your STEM flag fly.
  • The Ten Men's equipment
  • The Whisperer/Brainsweeper and how they work
  • Mr. Curtain's various other gadgets and how they came into being
  • On a much less advanced note, The Annotated History of Kate Weatherall's Bucket would not go unappreciated
Paperwork - I pity whoever has to file the paperwork involved in this series.
  • The strange questions that have to be asked.
  • The stranger answers. Mr. Benedict is shown to deliberately irritate the officials by giving weird replies, Sticky's report would put anyone to sleep, Constance is Constance, and Kate might write in invisible ink just for kicks.
  • There's always a form for that.
  • Artistically, maybe a pile of paperwork?
Ten Men/Recruiters; Messengers and Executives - The collective evil henchmen of the series. (For potential clarification - the Ten Men are more or less the same thing as the Recruiters but after LIVE disappears).
  • Where they came from originally
  • A look into a Ten Man's briefcase
  • Sashes are earned in tears; watches are earned in blood.
  • Jackson and Jillson being the unlovable assholes they are in canon
  • Someone tries to teach SQ to be a bad guy.
  • Martina Crow's dignified career being an asshole.
The Weatherall family - MY BABIES.
  • Kate's mother is not as dead as advertised.
  • Milligan's life pre-Nomansan Island
  • Their life in between chaotic adventures
  • Kate at the circus
  • Issues in adapting to having someone to rely on/care for
  • Basically anyting with Kate, Milligan, and possibly Kate's unnamed mom.
Harry Potter - Wizarding World - This chunk focuses mainly on logistics of stuff, which sounds boring but is probably still boring to you going to be totally awesome!

  • Is there a magical version of the Dewey Decimal System?
  • Books that bite or have other strange qualities
  • Charms against books becomeing overdue
  • How do holds/interlibrary loans work?
  • Are there magical library cards?
  • Do you have to pay attention to magic knitting in order that it follows your pattern (instead of doing a basic stitch) or can you "program" it in?
  • If you can "program" the spell to follow a set pattern, how do you do it?
  • Is there a spell to fix mistakes twelve rows up? (If so, can I have it?)
The Scientific Method
  • Some very bored muggleborn gets the bright idea to experiment with their powers.
  • Magical person decides to test the "laws" of magic.
  • The making of the Maurader's map included a lot of trial and error.
  • The making of Snape's special potion recipes
Higher Mathematics - including applied mathematics
  • How did the invention of the calculator (in particular the log, root, and trig functions) affect Arithmancy?
  • Did astronomical math modeling help or hurt astrology?
  • Can quantum mechanics explain the effects of Potions?
  • Mathematical proofs explaining (or failing to explain) how magic works.
  • Applied math + math = impressive chaos
  • Can music be used as a spell?
  • How do the words affect the end result?
  • What effects to the compositional elements have on the end result?
  • Music theory/history injokes if you have them
Wizarding Interpretations of Fairy Tales/Wizarding Version of King Arthur Myths
  • How do these differ from the nomagical versions?
  • Is Avalon a real place?
  • Creature representation (i.e., Big Bad Wolf as a werewolf or Nimune as some kind of water-based creature)?
  • Is magic applied differently?
Dragon Sanctuaries
  • Where does their funding come from? (Government? ASPCA-type ad campaigns? Donations? Wealthy nature enthusiasts?)
  • What regulations govern dragon sanctuaries?
  • Do they act as preserved versions of biomes (like a national park) or more like a large, well-kept, dangerous zoo?
  • What is day to day life there like?
Harry Potter - Books Only - Again, it is clear that I am a huge worldbuilding dork. I do not particularly care whether or not some of these are set in Britain or anywhere else (and actively encourage other locations for History of Magic and Magical Societies).

 - These could apply to either magical Britain or magical somewhere else.
  • How does the ministry work?
  • What is their relationship with their muggle counterpart like?
  • How do the politics of the muggle world map onto the politics of the magical world?
Ministry of Magic
  • How do the different departments interact?
  • What is a day in a ministry job like?
  • Strange paperwork and the reasons it's necessary
Politics of the resistance against Voldemort
  • Are there groups other than the Order of the Phoenix fighting Voldemort?
  • What does the logistics situation of either war look like?
  • Who do magical creatures ally themselves with? Why?
  • What protections were put into place afterwards to avoid this sort of this happening again? 
History of magic and magical societies - This mostly focuses on older history, but a more modern timeframe would not go amiss.
  • How far back do magical societies go?
  • Was magic useful in the building of early states?
  • Magic's influence on the construction of monuments (e.g. pyramids, Stonehenge, Great Zimbabwe, Great Wall of China, Ansazi lines, etc.)
  • The introduction of magical seclusion
  • How does magic relate to  belief systems and social hierarchies?
  • How closely do magical conflicts mirror muggle ones?
  • To what extent does anti-creature sentiment parallel racism in the muggle world?
  • Does anti-magic sentiment rise along with other scapegoating in the muggle world?
  • Is there any actual basis for anti-magic sentiment?
Literature (fiction and non-fiction)
  • What genres of fiction are popular?
  • Non-textbook, non fiction works, particularly in history
  • Is there a version of AP prep books for OWLs/NEWTs? Does Hermione have a full set?
  • The rise of printed works. Did they need to wait for the development of the printing press (in Mainz or in China)?
  • The wizarding version of fictional genres (adventure, kidlit, romance)
  • Is there a set of books based on the life of Harry Potter? Are they accurate or hilariously embellished? Where they written before or after the events of the story?
Magical features of Hogwarts castle - Exactly what it says on the tin
  • How many of the features originated as defense mechanisms?
  • Can a full map of Hogwarts even be made?
  • How was the Marauder's map designed?
  • How were the magical features created?

Avatar: the Last Airbender
 - I love this show and its worldbuilding.

  • Were there other worldwide wars before the one in canon?
  • How does war affect the lives of people spread across the Four Nations?
  • Tactics, armor, and arms races
The Library
  • Why was it founded?
  • How was it maintained?
  • A look into its collection
The Kyoshi Warriors
  • Traditions
  • Symbolism of the makeup
  • How did it start? Was it a thing before Kyoshi and renamed in her honor, originally Kyoshi's guard, or created in honor of her?
  • Training to become a Kyoshi warrior
  • What are relations between the four nations like?
  • How does being split into three alter the waterbenders' political power?
  • What effect does bending have on one's political power?
  • What are the internal power structures of each kingdom (maybe plus the United Republic) like? How have they changed over the years?
Applications of Bending - Specifically, things other than violence.
  • Waterbending - hydroponics, magic painting/calligraphy
  • Firebending - fire is used in a lot of stuff - lighting, heating, forging metals
  • Earthbending - easy construction of cities, early warning of seismic natural disasters, finding mineral resources
  • Airbending - flight, detection of weather systems
  • Combinations of elements
  • Boring, mundane stuff - drying hair, making tea, heating ovens
The History of the A:tLA World
  • Formation of Four Nations
  • Development of trade networks
  • Epidemics?
  • Rise of massive states along bending lines
Creation of the United Republic of Nations
  • How did the United Republic get the necessary land?
  • How did Sokka promote the idea?
  • Planning and constructing Republic City
Steven Universe - Lots of open ends to poke through

Gems' Influence on Earth
  • Why is there an ocean where Siberia is meant to be?
  • Human exploration of gem sites
  • Was there genetic bottleneck because enough people died in the Gem conquest of Earth?
  • Did gem artifacts speed up technological advancement?
  • Impact of Rose's Rebellion on early religious systems
Rose's Rebellion
  • Where did the Crystal Gems come from?
  • Tactics in the war
  • What role did humans play in the fighting?
Gem Politics
  • Were there other factions fighting in Rose's Rebellion?
  • What does Homeworld's hierarchy look like?
  • Methods of gaining power/position
  • Why were they created in the first place? (I'm guessing Gems can pop up in other ways because otherwise we've got a chicken and egg scenario.)
  • How are Kindergarten locations picked?
  • Effects on the environment - Can they be avoided? Are they reversible?
  • What happens when Kindergartens go wrong?
Gem Corruption
  • Is corruption a side effect of physical issues (i.e. a cracked gem), mental ones, or some combination thereof?
  • Is it communicable?
  • Can it be reversed?
  • How was it first discovered?
  • How can it be effectively weaponized? Are there protections against this? If so, how do they work?
Hunger Games - And now, for something even darker than my soul/mind.

First Hunger Games
  • Who were the tributes?
  • What was the Arena like?
  • Who won? How?
  • Who (if anyone) protested? How?
  • Was the Career dynamic already in place or was it more of an even competition?
Dark Days
  • How did Panem form?
  • What provoked the Rebellion?
  • How did the fighting go?
  • What prompted the Capitol to raze District 13 to the ground?
  • How did 13 survive?
After the War
  • How effective is the government?
  • What is the Capitol Games like?
  • What form of government do they settle on?
  • Are the districts still heavily specialized?
  • Tributes the Capitol remembers (for better or worse)
  • Lives before they were reaped
  • An instance where it was obvious the ball was weighted against someone
  • Career training
  • Reactions to the Capitol
  • Strategies for the games
  • Where they came from
  • How they won
  • Life afterwards
  • Preparing for rebellion
Arena Design
  • Who designs the arena?
  • How are arena's built?
  • How are arenas controlled?
  • Captiol tourism after the fact: eat the newest products from 4 while laughing at splotches of blood!
Educational Materials
  • How different is education depending on district?
  • Does the curriculum change depending on job? (e.g. a coal miner wouldn't have a use for vectors or calculus but a structural engineer would)
  • What is each district's curriculum like?
  • Do they have to take standardized tests?
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 Hello! I go by Brachylagus-fandom on AO3, and I'm already excited about what you're writing even if you have no clue what you're writing. It's going to take me a couple of hours to a couple of days to comment for fics in this exchange due to real-life difficulties. Prompts below are sorted by fandom and relationship, but feel free to mix and match from other relationships/fandoms if inspiration strikes you.


  • Porn Without Plot
  • bdsm or d/s
  • watersports
  • issuefic


  • worldbuilding
  • character studies
  • fluff
  • crack
  • hurt/comfort
  • mental/fridge horror
  • mysteries/action stories
  • backstories/future fic
  • a plausible but dark interpretation of canon
  • characters/settings turning out to be much darker than they appear
  • awkward relationships and misunderstandings
  • women kicking ass/being competent
  • hijinks. Literally, if you make something that can be summarizes as "hijinks ensue," I will lap it up with a spoon.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga:
This show is a combination of a lot of my favorite elements: interesting worldbuilding, badass powers, and the characters being somewhat scarily competent and not afraid to show it.

Alex Louis Armstrong & Olivier Mira Armstrong

  • Olivier protecting Alex when they were younger
  • Why their relationship is so awkward
  • One time Alex had to be the tough one
  • When it comes to stereotypes not based on looks, Alex is definitely the more feminine one, and Olivier the more masculine. When they were children, a lot of crossdressing occurred.
Olivier Armstrong & Buccaneer & Miles
  • Hijinks at Ft. Briggs
  • fix-it for the incident at the end of canon

Olivier Mira Armstrong & Izumi Curtis

  • Izumi is being a menace around Briggs, and it's Private Armstrong's job to stop her.
  • Although they're similar in attitude and fighting capability, they're on opposite sides of pretty much everything else. How does that affect their relationship
  • Hijinks in Dublith, Briggs, or anywhere else in canon

Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell

  • Ed and Al have always been too good at getting hurt. It's Winry's job to fix them up again.
  • Before their parents died, they were normal kids in Resembool. What did they do?
  • Winry and Ed swapped textbooks one day because Ed needed to know stuff about human anatomy for the human transmutation. By the time main canon rolls around, there are three alchemists from Resembool on the loose, and one of them knows exactly how to rearrange your guts so that your death is slow and painful.
  • Potentially in tandem with the prompt above, Ed and Al dragged Winry along to help with the transmutation. (Maybe they thought that they needed more help with the medical end or more power overall.) This could lead to Pinako finding out before the incident happened and stopping it/calling Izumi to yell at them/yelling at them herself, or there could be three alchemists from Resembool who didn't need transmutation circles.

Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric

  • Ed and Al go on a mission. Things go wrong. Hijinks ensue.
  • Ed is very, very protective of the massive suit of armor that follows him around.
  • Small, fluffy animals find their way into the armor as a matter of course. Ed reacts the way he does in canon.

Izumi Curtis & Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric

  • Izumi really, really needs to stop finding lost children, especially ones with as little common sense as Ed and Al.
  • Ed and Al weren't the first nor the last children Izumi took in. Ed and Al deal with the others as best they can, otherwise known (for Ed) as poorly.
  • Izumi figures out their plan before they attempt human transmutation, and Ed and Al lose their hearing instead of an arm, a leg, and a body.
  • A day in the life of training with Izumi.

Garfiel & Winry Rockbell

  • A day in Rush Valley.
  • Automail was not the only thing Garfiel taught Winry.
  • Garfiel somehow knew Winry's parents and talks to her about them.

Winry Rockbell & Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)

  • A very awkward conversation as they head south
  • People (patients, colleagues, whatever) bring flowers to the Rockbells' graves all the time, so the only thing that surprises her about this one is the scar across his face.
  • Scar has an arm that can destroy anything it touches. Winry has some medical knowledge and a wrench. Their quest for revenge is not very well thought out but effective nonetheless.

Paninya/Winry Rockbell

  • The coolheaded thief, the easily angered mechanic, and the love story that made Garfiel weep
  • Paninya's leg guns jam, and Winry gets to do the saving.
  • For some reason, the Amestrian military tries to take Rush Valley. They do not get very far.
  • Some very awkward dates

Pinako Rockbell & Winry Rockbell

  • Of all the things Pinako expected to attend, her granddaughter's funeral was not one of them.
  • Winry is young, and Pinako is raising her alone.
  • It's (Grand)mother's day!
  • Pinako teaches Winry about automail

Mei Chan | May Chang & Ling Yao

  • They are supposed to be enemies. The closest they get to that is aggravated allies.
  • May has been alone for a long time, and Ling is in need of some company.
  • Ling's heir presumptive is the girl who had his back and almost brought home a homunculus.

Mei Chan | May Chang & Scar

  • They're both lonely, albeit for different reasons.
  • Revenge quests go a bit differently when there's a pint-sized assassin by your side.
  • hijinks on the way to/from Briggs
  • After the time he's spent with May, Scar has decided to never have kids. Ever. His hair is white enough already, thank you very much.

Greed (Ling) & Ling Yao

  • Greed liked the foreign prince because they were similar.
  • Having a second voice inside your head is incredibly weird. Getting used to and then losing it is even weirder.

Maes Hughes & Roy Mustang

  • In Ishval, they were barely keeping each other sane. Now, Maes is the one driving Roy up the wall.
  • Maes teaches his daughter to call his colleagues "Aunt" and "Uncle", and "Uncle Roy" is her favorite.
  • Hijinks that do not quite go according to plan.

Harry Potter:
I love the Harry Potter universe's fundamental weirdness and the way the characters grow up over the series.

Crookshanks & Minerva McGonagall

  • Two cats take a stroll though the grounds.
  • Crookshanks has found the second best napping spot in all of Hogwarts: McGonagall's classroom/office/room.

Hermione Granger & Minerva McGonagall

  • A time turner is a serious responsibility, but Minerva knows Hermione can handle it.
  • McGonagall tells eleven-year-old Hermione about magic.
Minerva McGonagall & Pomona Sprout
  • There is a reason the greenhouses don't contain catnip.
  • When the war ends, they are left to rebuild Hogwarts.

Minerva McGonagall & Poppy Pomfrey

  • McGonagall would really like to stop spending quite so much time in the infirmary because her lions keep getting hurt.
  • McGonagall gets magical flu/chickenpox/shingles/etc. Madam Pomfrey learns just when the Gryffindors get their stubbornness from.
  • Minerva fights. Poppy heals. They survive a war.

Minerva McGonagall & Rubeus Hagrid

  • Hagrid decides that the use of animals in Transfiguration classes is inhumane and protests against it.
  • McGonagall taught him once, and she still thinks he wouldn't have opened the Chamber of Secrets. Unless there was some suitably "misunderstood" creature inside.
  • The Basilisk incident was not the only time Hagrid was caught with an inappropriate pet.

Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley

  • They survive a year of enemy occupation and rebellion together.
  • Keeping secrets was a skill they had learned in the DA and honed to perfection while hiding from Death Eaters.
  • Hijinks

Luna Lovegood & Charlie Weasley, Luna Lovegood & Newt Scamander, and Charlie Weasley & Newt Scamander

  • bonding over cool creatures and limited (human) friends
  • There is a second (dismissed) volume of Fantastic Beasts, and all of Luna's creatures are in it.
  • Newt has always like Thestrals, and the girl who visits them isn't half bad.
  • Someone keeps stealing/depositing dragons on the preserve. Charlie has to figure out who is doing it and why.
  • The odd girl who live just over the hill is the only one who shares Charlie's fascination with creatures.
  • Creature hijinks

Bellatrix Black Lestrange & Narcissa Black Malfoy & Andromeda Black Tonks

  • Andromeda knows her sisters are trying to kill her, but they're still her sisters.
  • Andromeda leaves. Bellatrix and Narcissa (try to) follow.
  • Their (doubtlessly fucked-up) childhood

Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood

  • Percy only pays attention to Quidditch when Puddlemere United is playing.
  • Dorm room fights and make-ups
  • "Why on Earth did we get married?"/"We were blinding drunk from the victory party."

Hermione Granger & Remus Lupin

  • Hermione figures out Lupin is a werewolf over the course of third year and how that alters their relationship.
  • Hermione is Lupin's favorite member of the Golden Trio because he sees himself in her the same way he sees James in Harry and Sirius in Ron.

Avatar: the Last Airbender: I appreciate this show's balance of fluff, humor, and pretty dark moments and its handling of allegiances and motivations.

Zuko & Ursa, Azula & Ursa

  • The world's most fucked up sibling rivalry
  • Azula is a bit of a sociopath, and Ursa doesn't want to accept it.
  • Very awkward/dangerous family vacations
  • Some time when the Fire Nation's Royal Family was not a hot mess.


  • After the war, they have a long talk about not being quite so emotionally stunted.
  • Raising the Crown Princess is a challenge when neither you nor your husband knows how to actually raise a child.
  • Zuko says goodbye to Mai in person before the eclipse. I could see this going one of three ways: down in flames, an awkward but heartfelt goodbye, or Mai going with him on his quest.
  • "I love/hate you."/"I know"

Mai & Ty Lee

  • Azula is insane, and they have nowhere to run.
  • Ty Lee keeps one of Mai's knives with her for good luck.
  • A conversation set after the Boiling Rock

Azula/Ty Lee - Their relationship is so gloriously fucked up in canon. Anything (up to and including heavily dubious if not nonexistent consent) goes with these two, especially power games and manipulation. Ty Lee struggling to come to terms with what Azula's done/is doing would be amazing as well.

Fantastic Beasts:
Hello, cute creatures and more Potterverse! This was a really interesting movie and I'm excited to see where the next one takes us.

Frank The Thunderbird & Newt Scamander, Newt Scamander & Newt Scamander's Magical Beasts, Newt Scamander & Newt Scamander's Niffler, Newt Scamander & Pickett, Jacob Kowalski & Newt Scamander's Niffler - Mostly just looking for adorableness here, though hijinks would not go unappreciated. Especially with the Niffler getting into everything known to man.

Credence Barebone & Modesty Barebone

  • They don't talk about Mary Lou. They really need to talk about Mary Lou.
  • There's more than one obscurial running around New York during the movie.
  • After the movie, (magically alive) Credence takes Modesty and runs.

Queenie Goldstein & Tina Goldstein & Jacob Kowalski & Newt Scamander

  • hijinks in New York
  • Jacob gets back his memory and goes out in search of his friends.
  • When Newt returns to New York, he brings with him three copies of his book as well as three appendices: one about the animals' diets, one about the threats they pose, and one about their minds/illustrated guide.

Queenie Goldstein & Tina Goldstein

  • Queenie knows her sister's mind better than anyone else's.
  • Queenie getting roped into one of her sister's cases because of Legilimency.
  • Tina practically raised Queenie, and is very protective of her sister.

Original Work:
Unless implied otherwise, this is an equal-opportunity glurge of tropes. This section is divided into a couple of subsections by genre, but feel free to take relationships in a different direction as you see fit; it was mostly me trying to organize my requests in a way that lumped similar ones together.


Emperor In Civilian Disguise/Oblivious Male Revolutionary - pretty much what's on the tin. Bonus if the Revolutionary's obliviousness extends to telling Emperor his plans to assassinate the emperor, the emperor is a failboat at civilian disguises, all of Revolutionary's compatriots figure out Emperor is the emperor relatively quickly, Emperor takes Revolutionary's ideas into account, or this is not a one-time situation.


  • Handmaiden knew that the royal advisor would tell her to bed the Princess eventually. She did not expect to enjoy it.
  • Formal clothing, especially for princesses, is a pain in the ass to get on and off. Handmaiden helps.
  • People looking for the princess' consort never check the spot a step behind and to the left.
  • "What happens when your father dies?"/"I become queen, you become the Queen's Lady, and we kill everyone in our path."


  • Many black magic rituals demand the sacrifice's virginity, so ensuring that the Princess lacks that quality is Wizard's most responsible course of action.
  • Princess and Wizard are a triple threat: adorable, powerful, and deadly both apart and together.

Queen & Female Knight

  • No one ever expects the "handmaiden" to pull a sword out of her petticoat.
  • "I swore to protect you."/"And I swore to protect the people of my realm, including you."
  • all the loyalty kink

Reserved Queen Mother & Estranged Princess Daughter

  • "One day, you will be queen and have daughters of your own, and I hope that they are just like you."
  • They can't afford to be emotional deal with their problems; there's a war on.
  • Estranged Princess Daughter does increasingly impressive and/or dangerous things in an attempt to get Reserved Queen Mother's attention.



  • They can't get through a date without some crisis happening. (One of them strikes a deal with the local villain to run interference at certain times so she can actually get some.)
  • Their first kiss/confession of feelings happens during/directly after a fight and is caught on a TV camera.
  • Superheroine 1's secret identity has been discovered, but the villain doesn't realize that her girlfriend (Superheroine 2) is also superpowered. A subversion of the damsel in distress trope ensues, potentially with angry ranting from 2 and 1 laughing at the villain's pain.

Lesbian Superhero & Lesbian Supervillain

  • I really like the idea someone had during ToT of Lesbian Superhero and Lesbian Supervillain knowing each other through mundane means.
  • They're drinking buddies and gripe to each other about all the small (and large) problems. Incidentally, that's one reason Superhero is good and foiling Supervillain's plans.
  • They're awkward semi-ex friends in all that entails.
  • Their constant battle is over who gets to date Cute Lesbian Bystander.
  • They're roommates/dormmates and take far too long to realize that they're mortal enemies. The suspension of ignorance can go as hilariously far as the author likes (bandaging each other's wounds, hiding costumes in the back of the same closet, Supervillain bringing superweapon plans home, etc.).

Lesbian Superhero/Lesbian Supervillain

  • Asking your ex for relationship advice is far more awkward when your ex has a superweapon and is trying to kill you.
  • They don't realize the other's secret identity until after they start dating.
  • On the darker side, Lesbian Supervillain is really into Lesbian Superhero, but Lesbian Superhero is in a happy relationship elsewhere. Creepy stalking ensues.
  • "Honey, if you want to call yourself a superhero, you need to do better than that?"/"Sweetheart, if you want to be a proper evil overlady, you should maybe not leave your plans out for me to tinker with. Or actually take a course in [relevant field of study]."
  • The head of another villain as a Valentine's Day gift.

Madam President/Superheroine

  • interesting rewards for saving the world
  • They both fight evil but in different ways.
  • When Madam President was still Eager Law Student/Idealistic Lawyer, she may or may not have helped Superheroine get out of trouble with the law for vigilantism.

Female Secret Agent & Male Secret Agent

  • The Mission Drinking Game ("once the mission is over and you're medically cleared to imbibe alcohol, take one shot for…")
  • "You know, you should technically be the damsel in situations like this."/"I'll be the damsel when the bad guys stop thinking you're the softer target."
  • spy hijinks!

Spy/Rival Spy

  • They really need to stop meeting like this.
  • Spy gets sent on a honeypot mission with their mark being Rival Spy
  • "Can you just give me [MacGuffin]? Pretty please?"/"No."
  • When things go downhill ad they need to get out of the situation fast, they end up pretending to be a newlywed couple.

Time Travel

Time Traveler/Immortal

  • A love story that's out of order
  • "We have all the time in the world"
  • Immortal is getting sick of Time Traveler coming in and ruining their plans.
  • hijinks
Time Traveler/Other Time Traveler
  • romantic dates in other eras
  • Romantic dates gone horribly wrong due to poor planning or bad luck ("We're on a date. In Pompeii. Four hours before Vesuvius erupts. And our time machine's missing."/"Pretty much.")
  • Time Traveler A is dying, and Time Traveler B tries to circumvent this by traveling to the future for a cure.

Magic Practitioner/Non-Magic Practitioner

  • How do their powers/lack thereof affect their relationship?
  • Occasions where Non-Magic Practitioner is far more useful than their SO
  • Non-Magic Practitioner is a bit obsessed with trying to figure out magic, and Magic Practitioner thinks it's cute when they're asked how spells defy physics/where the extra matter goes/if truth serum is a barbiturate/where the eldritch horror in the basement came from/etc.
  • (Potentially in conjunction with the prompt above) Magic Practitioner is not familiar with modern society and causes chaos. Non-Magic Practitioner tries to minimize the damage.
  • "Why is there a smoking cauldron/runic circle/dragon/glowing artifact/eldritch horror/etc. in the basement?"

Steven Universe:
I like the way this show goes from a happy kid's show about fighting monsters to really dark really fast and how the characters are far from perfect. There's also the music. I'm a sucker for music.

Pearl/Rose Quartz

  • Pearl has issues, and Rose doesn't know how to deal with it.
  • Rose hates watching Pearl sacrifice herself.
  • Loving Rose is an exercise in letting go, especially when someone else wins.
  • Rose Quartz may have lead the rebellion, but Pearl masterminded it behind closed doors.


  • They do not function at all apart.
  • Being Garnet is an exercise of opening up and deliberately ignoring all of Homeworld's teachings.
  • They both have a lot of teachings to unlearn and baggage to deal with.
  • The first time Sapphire and Ruby unfused after Garnet became a Crystal Gem was a nightmare. They're not letting it happen again.

Bismuth & Lapis Lazuli

  • Bismuth is the reason Lapis got trapped in the mirror. Lapis can forgive, but she can't quite forget.
  • They've both done things they aren't proud of and bond over that.
  • Lapis goes to face Jasper and finds a bubble and Bismuth playing with two corrupted gems.

Pearl & Steven Universe

  • Pearl sees Rose in Steven's eyes.
  • Steven knows he and Pearl need to talk about Rose; he just doesn't know how.

Garnet & Steven Universe

  • Rose doesn't need to tell Garnet what she's planned; Garnet already knows.
  • Garnet can see Steven's future, and it's eventually a happy one.
  • Garnet and baby Steven

Rose Quartz & Steven Universe

  • Steven wonders if Rose is proud. She answers.
  • Rose knows that she's going away for a while, but they're at peace and the things her baby will do will make it worth it.

Amethyst & Garnet & Pearl & Steven Universe

  • Everything's going to hell in a handbasket, but they have each other, and that's enough.
  • Everyone loved Rose. Everyone was affected by Rose and her disappearance. Everyone is still having issues surrounding Rose.
  • Crystal Gem missions/adventures
  • Steven doesn't have one mom - he has three! Well, he has two moms and a cool but irresponsible aunt, which is kind of the same thing.

Connie Maheswaran & Pearl

  • Swordfighting is about balance, strength, and determination.
  • Getting her happy ending by proxy may or may not have been one of Pearl's motivations for training Connie.

Connie Maheswaran & Steven Universe

  • hijinks and adventures
  • Since both can play musical instruments and sing, they have a duet
  • Steven helps people and tries to save the unsaveable; Connie keeps him from dying in the process.

Connie Maheswaran/Steven Universe

  • When people compare Steven to Rose and Connie to Pearl, they're not exactly making large leaps of thought.
  • He's the protector, she's the attacker, and Stevonnie is a feared combatant.
  • "Let me do this for you."/"We do this together, Connie, or not at all."
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Hello, writer/artist! Two somewhat important things you should know: I go by Brachylagus_fandom over on AO3 and there is a high chance that reveals will occur when I am occupied by RL, so it might take several hours to a day for me to comment. I have a pretty wide range of likes, so just about anything not involving my DNWs would be fine.

For this exchange, I've divided prompts into tricks, treats, and either, with the last category being prompts that could go in either direction. If you feel you can make a good trick out of a treat prompt or vice versa, go ahead, and feel free to mix and match prompts as you wish.


  • Porn Without Plot

  • bdsm or d/s

  • watersports

  • issuefic


  • worldbuilding

  • character studies

  • fluff

  • crack

  • hurt/comfort

  • mental/fridge horror

  • mysteries/action stories

  • backstories/future fic

  • a plausible but dark interpretation of canon

  • characters/settings turning out to be much darker than they appear

  • awkward relationships and misunderstandings

  • women kicking ass/being competent

  • non-romantic relationships

  • music


Steven Universe (Lapis, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, Steven, Connie, Garnet, Peridot)

I like this show a little too much. The way it goes from happy kid's monster-fighting show to angst of the highest proportions with some really serious subject matter is one of my favorite elements, both in SU and in general. I think that it handles a lot of pretty dark issues and its characters and their issues (including some of the villains) very well, especially for media aimed at children. Also, I'm a sucker for good music.


  • Nearly every character on this show has issues, and some (cougcoughPearlcoughough) have subscriptions. An exploration of these without a happy ending.

  • Conflicts of interest in any era

  • People they left behind

  • The Crystal Gems in the war era, especially since it's implied that there were a lot more of them

  • Steven learning the hard way that he can't save everyone.


  • Moments of peace during Rose's rebellion or the current escalating tensions

  • Bonding

  • Some good old-fashioned hurt/comfort over everything that these characters have been through

  • A canon divergence where Bismuth either comes to her senses about becoming what she hates or the Breaking Point doesn't exist


  • Origin stories

  • Steven and Connie learning to fight/rescuing each other

  • Exploration of motives (e.g., why Bismuth thought the Breaking Point was necessary)

Harry Potter (Hermione, Neville, Luna, Weasley Twins, Lee Jordan, Founders)

I grew up on Harry Potter, and a decent amount of my brain has been dedicated to magic and mayhem for a very long time. I love the actual magic as well as the characters, especially Neville's arc.


  • Something set at Hogwarts during Deathly Hallows

  • Fighting the Death Eaters

  • Villains winning, at least for the moment

  • Coping with death, loss, and/or being left behind


  • Hogwarts moments from before the Second War (e.g., Luna meeting some lonely person besides Harry, Neville and Herbology, the Twins and Lee)

  • moments of normalcy in wartime

  • hijinks and shenanigans, especially against Umbridge


  • Founders-era, with optional historical accuracy

  • Worldbuilding centered around interaction with the muggle world or magical history

  • The Twins running their joke shop

  • Something exploring Order of the Phoenix: Umbridge's thought process, defiance of the Decrees, a hypothetical situation where Harry was expelled from the magical world and how fifth year turns out then

  • Post-canon era - where are the characters now? Epilogue optional.

  • Exploration of character motivation, especially painting characters in shades of grey

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Suki, Ty Lee, Mai, Zuko, Iroh, Toph)

Again, I like this show's balance between humor, fluff, and dark introspection as well as its characters. I love how it handles changes of allegiance as well as motivations, especially how everything is painted in shades of gray rather than black and white.


  • Ty Lee and Mai gradually realizing that Azula is completely nuts

  • Azula's life in general

  • Life under the Fire Nation

  • Hakoda's or Suki's time as a prisoner of war

  • Something showing the main cast as the children they are/recently were

  • Dealing with loss, regularly ineffectively


  • Iroh and tea, either dispensing wisdom over it or running his shop

  • Silly side stories like three-fourths of Tales of Ba Sing Se

  • Sokka being his sarcastic, idiotic self


  • Iroh's role as a surrogate father to Zuko and, as an extension of that one scene, Toph

  • Ty Lee's relationship with the other Kyoshi Warriors

  • Mai and Zuko's relationship

  • Backstory

  • Post-canon

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/Manga (Izumi, Ed, Al, Hawkeye, Olivier, Hughes, Roy, Scar)

This show hits just the right spot for competency, badass powers, and interesting worldbuilding.


  • Ishval and its aftereffects, from the perspective of those fighting (Hawkeye, Roy and Hughes on one side, Scar on the other), adults at the time (Olivier, who I'm 90% sure was stationed elsewhere, and Izumi, who isn't in the military), or children at the time (Ed and Al, especially with growing horror as they realize just what happened there)

  • An expansion on the canonical human experimentation in the show (a la Tucker).

  • I always thought that the time when Roy's team was split up was a perfect setup for abuse, especially of Riza. Roy panicking as he realizes every action he makes could end with his team dead would also be perfectly acceptable.


  • Roy and Riza falling in love with the worst timing possible

  • Izumi teaching Ed and Al as kids

  • The characters as children in general

  • Casefic with Roy and his team

  • Scar rebuilding Ishval


  • Unknown backstories

  • Life at Briggs

  • Hughes watching canon as a ghost

Original Work (Gay Superhero, Gay Superfoe, Lesbian Superhero, Lesbian Superfoe, Assassin, Secret Agent, Librarian, Scientist, Female Secretary)

This is a glurge of action tropes. Unless specifically mentioned either way, the characters can be of any gender. Gay Superhero is merged with Lesbian Superhero into Superhero; the same thing happens with Superfoe. Also, Female Secretary regularly inhabits roles more typical of a research assistant, intern, or manager.


  • Superfoe is crushing on Superhero, who is in a perfectly happy relationship with an innocent (gay/lesbian) bystander, leading to angsty dub/noncon over unrequited feelings.

  • Scientist is kidnapped to work for Superfoe.

  • Superhero is secretly Assassin.

  • Everything is set up, and Superhero and Superfoe are trying to escape.

  • Superfoe was right all along.


  • Librarian's job is very interesting (i.e., Secret Agent in the stacks, Dewey decimal classification of books concerning death rays, Superhero obsessively reading all books on superpowers and sexuality).

  • Librarian is Secret Agent in deep cover.

  • Superhero and Superfoe fall in love out of costume. (commence identity porn)

  • Female Secretary has to deal with people being idiots, whether it is Superfoe ignoring the Evil Overlord List (and, if Lesbian Superfoe, maybe hitting on her), Scientist being Scientist, Superhero being not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, or Secret Agent having poor risk assessment skills.

  • Superfoe tries to be good, with poor results.

  • Awkward interactions due to being related/having known each other before they became action tropes.


  • Superhero and Superfoe's relationship, especially with awkward protectiveness (Superfoe being unwilling to let Assassin kill Superhero), identity crises, and enemy mine situations

  • Secret Agent is sent to gather evidence from/spy on Female Bodyguard's boss and runs into her.

  • Scientist has a general lack of risk assessment and common sense, especially leading to them becoming Superhero/Superfoe or creating a monster (Plant Monster, Mutant Penguin, and Tentacle Monster are examples from the tagset).

  • Female Secretary is Assassin or Secret Agent.

  • Secret Agent missions in general
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  • Smut
  • Excessive violence

  • Fluff
  • Darkfic
  • Worldbuilding
  • Characters depending on each other
  • Misunderstandings
  • Honestly, just about anything will make me happy.

Avatar: the Last Airbender:

Iroh and Zuko -
  • What was their relationship like before Lu Ten died? Before Zuko was banished? While they were searching for the Avatar? After the war?
  • Iroh is the only adult that Zuko can rely on. I'd love to see how this comes into play.
  • Iroh's wisdom helps Zuko while they are separated.
Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors -
  • How does Ty Lee fit in with the others?
  • Cultural misunderstandings between Ty Lee and the others
  • The group getting along better than expected, especially in crisis
Toph Beifong and Katara - 
  • Katara kind of acts like team mom, especially where Toph is concerned. How does this affect their relationship?
  • Toph saves Katara or vice versa.
  • Toph going to Katara for parenting advice.
Azula and Zuko - 
  • Azula and Zuko being close and/or normal(ish) before his banishment.
  • Azula and Zuko reconnecting after the war.
  • Azula and Zuko fighting/hating each other.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Manga:

Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang - 
  • Their experiences in Ishval
  • Their relationship during the war, especially after Mustang's team got reassigned
  • Their relationship before Roy joined the military
Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang - 
  • Their experiences in Ishval
  • Maes acting as a ghost after his death
May Chang and Scar - 
  • A vaguely normal situation where May can and does act like a kid
  • May pulling a "sweet, little, innocent girl" act and duping people to save them, or duping Scar to save herself
Izumi Curtis and Edward and Alphonse Elric - 
  • Moments with little!Elrics before they performs the transmutation.
  • Izumi coming around to yell sense into them after said transmutation goes awry.
  • I kinda picture Izumi as acting somewhat like a mother or aunt to them, so them asking her for advice.

Harry Potter: JK Rowling:

Fred and George Weasley - 
  • Hogwarts hijinks
  • Setting up WWW
  • George after Fred's death
Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape - 
  • Their semi-antagonistic relationship as professors
  • Worrying over the students together
  • McGonagall having grudging respect for Snape after his death
Minerva McGonagall and Neville/Harry/Hermione - 
  • Dealing with hijinks during the school years
  • Any of them asking for advice


Nora and Ren -
  • Their first meeting
  • Them working together
  • What are they doing after the finale?
Ruby and Weiss and Blake and Yang - 
  • Team bonding
  • Their differing views being brought up and causing problems
  • Working together
Weiss and Winter - 
  • How did they interact before Weiss went to Beacon?
  • Family bonding
  • A time when they don't get along
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  • Smut

  • Excessive violence/gore


  • Worldbuilding

  • Fluff

  • Darkfic, especially if the dark elements seem normal at first

  • Women being badass

  • Wacky hijinks/canonical weirdness

  • Cultural misunderstandings

  • one character gets sent to other world

  • group gets sent to other world, but one member of the group is from that world

General Info on Requested Canons

Avatar: the Last Airbender

I love how this canon bounces between a fairly average kids fantasy show and something a lot darker. The character arcs are amazing and the little oddities are kind of funny.


I love the ever-present weirdness in Discworld, especially Death. I haven't read all the books but have at least a basic understanding of all the miniseries; my favorites are the Watch books, Going Postal/Making Money, and Monstrous Regiment.

Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm only really familiar with Brotherhood, so I'd like any gifts to be with that continuity. I really like how this series deals with some serious issues, its wonderful female characters, and Ed's ability to get out of trouble but inability to avoid it in the first place.

Harry Potter

The story in HP is good, but the worldbuilding is more interesting to me. That being said, I love Hermione and Luna, especially when they play off of each other; obscure branches of magic, magical-muggle interaction, and how the wizarding world functions are some of my favorite worldbuilding concepts.

The Librarians

I really think that this is a good canon for crossovers because you've got a wild personality clash if you go the dump-them-into-another-canon route and a boatload of potential artefacts from other canons.

Steven Universe

I love how this series seems like a mostly typical kids' fantasy/adventure show at first but really obviously isn't by the time you finish it. I also love how the characters interact and how the side characters have concrete enough lives outside of helping Steven and the Crystal Gems that they can (and occasionally do) have episodes dedicated to that. Also, the music. I'm a sucker for music.

Requests: Requests are repeated in different sections. There is one 3-way crossover prompt.

Avatar, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter

  • Iroh has tea with someone.

  • Xing is connected to the Avatarverse.
  • Alchemy and bending are linked.
  • There is a connection between alchemy, bending, and magic.
  • The Gaang (or someone else) go to Hogwarts.
  • The Kyoshi Warriors meet the Amestris military.
  • There is a connection between the Amestris military pre-Promised day and the Dai Li.
  • Ed reacts poorly to the existence of magic
  • Any connection between alchemy and Harry Potter magic
  • An alchemist and wizard discuss the Philosopher's Stone. Misunderstandings occur.
  • Someone is secretly a wizard.

Discworld, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter

  • Death has a chat with someone.

  • Amestris has to fight for/against Borogravia.

  • The Watch has to collaborate with the Amestris military.

  • Someone from Harry Potter continues their magical education at Unseen University.

  • Ed reacts poorly to the existence of magic

  • Any connection between alchemy and Harry Potter magic

  • An alchemist and wizard discuss the Philosopher's Stone. Misunderstandings occur.

  • Someone is secretly a wizard.

Fullmetal Alchemist, The Librarians, Steven Universe

  • The Librarians have found a book on alchemy and try to do it, especially if what they're attempting is human transmutation to save Cassandra.

  • Gems can work as Philosopher's stones.

  • The Librarians find Lapis (in the mirror) or another gem artefact.

  • Steven and Connie go on an adventure to the other canons.

Harry Potter, The Librarians, Steven Universe

  • Someone is secretly a wizard.

  • The Librarians find a magical creature from Harry Potter.

  • The Librarians find a wand or magical textbooks. The Librarians managed to find Lapis in the mirror or another gem.

  • Steven (plus any other Beach City kids, if desired) is a wizard and is going to Hogwarts.

  • The Librarians find Lapis (in the mirror) or another gem artefact.

  • Steven and Connie go on an adventure to the other canons.

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 Hello writer person,

I'm fairly new to exchanges. I fully accept that I might be crap at this, but I'm going to try my best. Feel free to ignore anything in this except for my DNWs; I have a wide variety of tastes and might enjoy anything you write. I'm not picky.

Hard Do Not Wants:
  • Explicit sex.
  • Gore
Would rather not receive:
  • Stuff centered along romantic relationships.
  • Endless angst; some resolution or happiness would be nice.
  • Wildly ooc characters (unless it's deliberate crackfic).
  • Fluff
  • Darkfic
  • plot and worldbuilding
  • Non-romantic relationships, healthy or not.
  • character studies involving how a character's past shaped their decisionmaking.
  • badass women

Avatar: the Last Airbender
I love this show. The worldbuilding, the themes, the character arcs... Anything focusing on their lives not during the war would be nice.

Zuko: Zuko has one of the most realistic and amazing arcs in the entire series, which also makes him one of my favorite characters. Admittedly, he's more like the favorite teddy bear with stuffing hanging out than the treasured baby doll, but I still love him. He tries so hard to live up to various people's expectations and fails so badly most of the time. All of the angst and hurt/(comfort optional).
Dealing with issues as firelord
  • More of Zuko as a child
  • Zuko gets kidnapped and has to be rescued by someone else.
  • Zuko gets kidnapped and has to save himself.
Suki: Suki is my favorite character in this show, hands down.
  • Her training before the war
  • Her life after the war
  • What happened while she was in prison?
Iroh: the badass grandpa who technically isn't their grandpa. I find him interesting because he is a mentor that doesn't die, is a reminder of the past, and shows a lot of inner strength and determination that the Fire Nation elite have but directs it at a completely different outlet.
  • raising Zuko
  • having to deal with Lu Ten's death
  • trying to be a good person in general
Toph: she is badass. I have a well-known weakness for badass female characters.
trying to keep her skills secret from her parents
her life during and after the war

Steven Universe
Another show that balances fluffy kid stuff and darkness. Things featuring the gems not having issues but subcriptions would be greatly appreciated.

Amethyst: I like her because she acts and looks exactly how she wants to be, even if others don't approve.

  • finding her at the Kindergarten
  • her life before meeting the other Crystal Gems
  • her feelings surrounding Rose's death

Garnet: another "I'm exactly how I want to be" character.

  • her internal dialogue between Ruby and Sapphire
  • learning to be a leader
  • futurevision

Ruby: I love this little square of anger, though I'm unsure why.

  • dealing with being separated from Sapphire
  • fighting


  • learning to control her powers
  • using her futurevision

Pearl: Pearl deals with a lot of self-confidence and anxiety issues, which I get. She really cares about Steven and is really interesting when she's put aside her issues, admitted her feelings, or found an immediate goal. Her engineering is also quite cool.

  • repercussions from the Sardonyx incident
  • dealing with Amethyst
  • trying to be a good mother to Steven while still mourning Rose.

Connie: I love her character arc. She's a bookish girl who also gets to be extraordinarily badass and a major supporting character in her own right. I especially like that while she is a bookworm, reading and school aren't her only interests.

  • repercussions from Nightmare Hospital
  • just being geeky
  • fighting my Steven's side in a battle

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis is really interesting because her offscreen character arc shifts her alignment so radically; she goes from not caring about earth at all to sacrificing herself to protect it (and Steven), and we don't really get to see how she got from Point A to Point B.

  • her time in the mirror
  • her life before she got trapped in the mirror
  • adjusting to life on Earth

Ouran High School Host Club
I don't really have prompts for this. Sorry. My friends got me to watch it on a dare and I loved it. It's really funny and original. I really like Haruhi (me and competent female characters) and the twins (they give me a Weasley vibe). On an incredibly cracky crossover/AU note, the tins and the Weasley twins interacting would be hilarious.

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 Hello, Every Woman Creator.

I'm NotYourNormalFangirl over on AO3,

DNW: major character death, lots of angst, smut, unhappy endings.

My interests can more or less be summarized by women being badass.

Harry Potter:
McGonagall - Mother Bear McGonagall is my trope, though I'm also interested to see if someone could do a piece where she recognizes and/or works against her flaws (namely, occasionally blind loyalty to Dumbledore).
Hermione - I love it when Hermione is confident in her skills and competent at what she does. Anything involving either of those would make me happy.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:
Olivier Armstrong - she is my favorite character. I'm curious about the politics at Fort Briggs, especially before the Promised Day and/or with Miles during the Ishvalan Civil War.
Izumi Curtis - another character I love. I would like someone to write a fic where she saves (possibly young) Ed and Al.

Polly "Ozzer" Perks & Maladict - anything with these two (and possibly the rest of the regiment), really.

Babylon 5:
I love this show, but do not feel comfortable enough to write it. Anything would be fine.
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For genprompt_bingo: Old and New

"Who are you?" The woman looked familiar, with gray eyes and blond hair cut in a tight bob. Homer tried to place her face; she looked too much like the other girls he knew (with an obligatory crash course in the world outside of Lotus, New Jersey) that it wasn't easy. "Who are you, kid? Why are you here."

"Homer," Homer replied eventually. "I was looking for someone."

"Who? And what's your last name?"

"A girl and I don't have one." The woman's eyes lit up briefly before she grew suspicious.

"Where are you from?" Briefly, Homer considered lying before dismissing it as a royally bad idea.

"Lotus, New Jersey."

"Are you looking for Ulyssa?"

"Yeah, why?" The woman laughed.

"Oh god, my boss is not going to believe this." At Homer's confusion, she elaborated. "Of all the trails to follow, of all the things to leave Lotus for, you picked me." Sure enough, she did look like the girl in the photo, aged ten years and with a new life ahead of her. "And you found me, somehow, which is kind of creepy but I don't think you knew. I need to talk to my boss before I explain the rest of it, though." Ulyssa left and returned minutes later with a stack of paperwork and a much sterner-looking woman.

"Here's the deal," the older woman snapped. "You have stumbled upon the International Knowledge Commision, INK for short. You can leave now and go back to whatever life you had, you can sign these papers and become a normal citizen, or you can sign this one and become a junior agent." Homer nodded.

"Junior agent?" he asked. The woman snorted.

"INK is devoted to the preservation of knowledge. We're not that big of an organization, considering the task. So, since you're definitely over thirteen, you can become a junior agent and help Penn and I; once you're eighteen, you become a normal agent."


"That's me," Ulyssa explained. "I can explain later."

"Continuing on," the woman said while glaring at Ulyssa, "you need to decide who you want to become. Do you want to be a junior agent?" Homer nodded. "Sign here and then it's sealed." Homer did. "I will be your supervisor; call me Athena. Penn here is your partner. Report to my office tomorrow and we'll get you started. Dismissed."

Soon, Homer found himself sucked into this world of old words and new beginnings. He could see why Ulyssa had stayed; it was addictive. More than that, it felt like he belonged.

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 For genprompt_bingo: the Eyes Are the Window of the Soul

Cleo knew very well that she should have stopped looking people in the eyes. There were futures there, pasts there, things she shouldn't have touched. Still, she did it anyways.

First, there were the people she met when she was still Clotho the Weaver, people who would ask about their futures and never get the answers they wanted. She can still see some of the people from back then now, with their dark eyes and dark pasts and dark futures.

Then there was Clio, the first immortal she had ever met that wasn't her sister. To be fair,  Clio had sisters of her own, eight of them, but they weren't tied together the same way the Fates were. Clio was a soft kind of person, shy and sweet with amber eyes too big for her face. Cleo never told her that she was going to die in the smoke and fire of a future going up in flames as the Third Gate was permanently destroyed. It still happened, and Cleo cried for the first time in years and the last time for centuries.

When she had been Queen of Spring and the Wife of Midsummer, she had looked into countless infant's eyes and told their parents of their futures in the most positive way possible. She had learned how to say "your son will be a serial killer" politely and "your daughter will die before she turns eighteen" with a smile on her face. It still felt like lying.

When she was nothing, few people asked her about the future. There had been a snobby little princess when she went by Cassandra the Witch who eventually got what was coming to her and a girl named Cass, barely old enough to sit on her mother's knee. That had been a sad encounter; forty years after moving in her time, she heard that River's Keep had been destroyed and the little girl with sky-blue eyes and her little sister had been the only survivors.

Last, there were her students: happy and sad and brave and nervous. Their futures had less blood in them, at least. Well, except for Alexandria. Alexandria, the one with the glowing gray eyes, had a long, dark future ahead of her. Miri, whose pale eyes reminded her of North Point, had a dark past that reminded her of the rumors she had heard, even in the Outside, of what had happened there. She wasn't surprised when it turned out that Miri was adopted. She was surprised that the darkness ended (or maybe started) with the mask of a King's Legion assassin, the infamous Dark Star herself if the cloak was any indication.

Still, when she got one glimpse into Dark Star's eyes, she nearly laughed. The king had no clue what was coming for him, with his favorite toy and the bubbling black mess of her life. It was just a shame she would never see it. Keep on, child, she had asped as the cursed blade slid out of her side and she felt herself finally dying, you have an interesting path ahead of you. Don't you remember me telling you that much, all those years ago? As her eyes closed for the last time, she swore she saw Dark Star cry.
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 for genprompt_bingo: Thank God It's Friday... Again: Time Loops

"You ready?" Neptune wants to scream. He knows what will happen next: he'll say yeah, Rose will say let's go, Emerald will open the door, the world will dissolve into fire, and he'll wake up this morning again.

This is his fifteenth raid on Devil's Run, fifteenth death, fifteenth June 28th, 2082. He needs to find a way out of this where they all live.

"We shouldn't do this," Neptune manages to choke out. "This feels like a trap."

"Neptune, Vi's in there," Rose protests. "We are not leaving her behind."

"We don't have to. We just can't charge in, colors blazing. They knew we were coming. We need to think."

"Fine," Rose grumbles. Emerald gestures for them to stand aside as she gently nudges open the door, only to duck out of the wzy as flames oame rushing through the opening. "Holy shit!" Soon enough, the flames stop. The three proceed through, only to find an empty base. "Goddammit!"


"It was a trap, a trap this whole time, and I made you fall for it. Vi's probably dead and we almost were because I can't let her go."

"Rose, Vi's probably alive. She's powerful enough that they wouldn't want to kill her. She's just not here."

"What do we do now?"

"We try to find the others. The prophecy said there are seven of us, right?"

"The prophecy is bullshit."

"Still, there are three other kids out there getting hunted. We leave Violet alone for a bit and find them. They'll think we're dead and loosen their security. Eventually, anyways," Emerald admitted under her breath. Rose shakily nods and accepts Neptune's hand. The three walk away, new plans forming as Neptune sighs in relief, knowing that tomorrow will be June 29th, 2082.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 03:03 pm
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 for genprompt_bingo: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

I’m sorry. I should have said something. I should have done something. I didn’t.

So you know that old phrase, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? It's that. Well, it's more like cult mindset, but they're kinda similar, so…

When that girl went missing, I knew what had happened, but I said nothing. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Then you came in, asking questions I knew the answers to and a few I didn't.

You made me feel… brave? scared? safe? in danger? calm? horrified? I don't know what, but it made me think.

You disappeared. I almost said something. Then my back turned black and blue and red. I didn't.

So when John came and I fought not to scream get out while you can, I thought of you, and I almost stayed silent like when she vanished or you.

But I spoke.

Father assigned me to show him around, probably with the intent to abandon him in the woods. Instead of killing, we talked. I told him everything. You would be proud of me.

It started with something like "you need to leave" and he asked why and I said "the girl isn't here, she's not going to be found, Father's too smart for that" and he asked what I meant and it all came rushing out.

It's been five years since you came. Four since John came. Three and a half since they found your body. Three and a half since we buried you. Three since I started therapy. Three since Father went to jail. Two and a half since the scars started fading. Two since I started talking regularly. One and a half since all of the court cases ended. One since I broke down in the middle of the night sobbing because my idiocy had cost your life. One since John held me as I cried.

Five years. Five years. For a girl expecting to never make it to twenty-one, that's a lot. I'm twenty-two now, in case you didn't know. Today's my birthday. When we met, I was sixteen. I was an idiot at sixteen. I was still an idiot at seventeen, but I was less of an idiot enough to end this. I just wish I could've gotten to know you better. I suppose it doesn't matter now.

Thank you for five years and sorry for my mistake.

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 for genprompt_bingo: Journeys and Quests

“Where are you going?” The building is empty, an abandoned temple with bloodstains on the  floor. Still, the voice is there, echoing around the room as Cass looks for its source.

“Who are you?” Cass asks. This is not normal, not even the usual not normal.

“Why are you here?” the voice demands to know.

“What’s going on?”

“You have reached a crossroads,” another girl who Cass is positive wasn’t there the minute before explains. She’s younger than Cass, maybe eight, and looks washed-out; her only color is her emerald green eyes. “I cannot let you go further.”

“Why not?”

“I am the guardian of this gate, kid. I’m not having another massacre on my watch.”

“I need to get through.”


“I need to find my sister.”


“She’s all I have left.”


“My entire village is gone.”


“The king demanded it.”

“Then how are you and your sister still alive?”

“We were out gathering food when they came. We hid. We ran. I need to find her. Please let me through.” The girl sighed.

“What is your name?”

“Cass of River’s Keep.”

“What is your quest?”

“To find my sister.”

“Do you swear to stick fast to this quest and leave once it is done?”


“Fine. Jane of the Fourth Gate grants you passage to the Outside. Best of luck, Cass Riverkeep.” Cass thanked her as she walked through the glowing doorway into a new world.

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 For genprompt_bingo: May you live in interesting times.

Some days, Cleo thinks about dying. She thinks she’s figured out how to do it, finally. She’s tried before, back when she was the Weaver of Greece and then as Queen of Spring and after that as the Wife of Midsummer and in those long years where she was nothing. She’s Cleo now, Cleo the Teacher in Silent Sound, and she hasn’t found a reason to die yet.

The dreams still come, bright and horrifying. She dreams of cities turned to ash and stars falling from the sky. The visions still come whenever she looks people in the eyes, futures that may come to pass for children barely old enough to read and tired, worn adults. Sometimes, she makes suggestions, things that sound like normal advice but with a precognition no one else will ever know about.

When she first meets Alexandria Smith, she’s six and part of her seventy-eighth second-grade class. Cleo still looks twenty-seven, like she has since before the library burned. That night still comes back to haunt her some nights, with first the taste of ashes and sand in her mouth and the knowledge that humanity had finally destroyed a gate and then the horror of realizing that Clio was still inside. Alexandria knows how to read already, so Cleo pays her little mind until, in one way or another, they lock eyes.

Cleo sees fire and blood, cities in ruin and streets filled with shattered glass, drawn swords and words made weapons. She wants to scream, to tell the little girl to run away, but she can’t. The words stick in her throat as she sees the sun setting for the last time over a ruined world instead of a ruined city. She can’t tell Alexandria just what her future holds; she would out herself and doom the world.

So, when asked what she would become by the little girl with glowing eyes and choppy hair, Cleo just smiles and says, “you will live in interesting times,” and doesn’t mention that it’s a famous curse. She’ll figure it out soon enough.

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