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Crossovering 2017

Hey Creator! I go by [ profile] Brachylagus_fandom on AO3.

  • Worldbuilding - how do the canons connect? Do they have any similarities?
  • Crack
  • Fluff
  • Action
  • Cultural misunderstandings/characters completely out of their comfort zone

39 Clues, Harry Potter, Big Hero 6 (fusion or crossover, art or fic)

39 Clues/Harry Potter - These are two of my favorite canons of all time, both for the possible extents of their worldbuilding. (Plus, the chaos alone would be fantastic to watch.) How does magic interact with the serum? How does magic shape the clue hunt? Alternately, how does the clue hunt shape the magical world?
  • Characters are Cahills - Which branch do they belong to? How closely are they tied to that branch? How does this affect their personal relationships?
  • Magic and the Cahill serum have a history of clashing. (Muggle-repelling wards don't quite work, Cahills mistake magic for other branches' sabotage, witch hunts as an excuse to kill rival branch members, serum has magic properties, etc.)
  • The Clue Hunt goes to Hogwarts/magical Britain (most likely due to weirdness in Into the Gauntlet). Hijinks ensue.
  • Harry Potter characters get involved in the Clue Hunt. Hijinks ensue.

39 Clues/Big Hero 6
 - This is mostly for the chaos factor. (Also because, superheroing aside, Big Hero 6 characters are more or less well-adjusted members of society and 39 Clues members mostly... aren't.)
  • Characters are Cahills - Which branch do they belong to? How closely are they tied to that branch? How does this affect their personal relationships?
  • Starlings at SFIT - Maybe the Starlings are family friends with one of the students, or one of the triplets decides to go there for school, or they need a new piece of tech for reasons. Hijinks ensue.
  • The Clue Hunt goes to San Fransokyo. Hijinks (and fire) ensue.
  • Big Hero 6 characters get involved in the Clue Hunt. Hijinks ensue.

Harry Potter/Big Hero 6
 - I love it when magic meet/clash in fiction, mostly for the chaos that ensues, but I could also see a version of Clarke's Third Law going on; Big Hero 6's science is assumed to be/actually magic (or magic is assumed to be advanced tech by Big Hero 6).
  • Hermione spends some time in San Fransokyo for reasons. (Gap year? Magical exchange program? Boredom?) Hijinks ensue.
  • Harry is somehow related to the Tamadas. He's not sure what to think of his relatives, but they're certainly nothing like the Dursleys (or anyone else he's met, for that matter).
  • Magic AU - Honey Lemon is a Potions mistress, Baymax is some sort of golem, Wasabi is working on automated cutting charms, Gogo is trying to make the world's fastest broom
  • The Horcrux hunt leads to San Fransokyo.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Steven Universe, Nancy Drew (crossover, art or fic)

Fullmetal Alchemist/Steven Universe - Mostly for the inevitable chaos, but also because some of the characters meeting would be very interesting (and quite possibly hilarious).
  • Gem shards can function as philosopher's stones. (Alternately, philosopher's stones have some level of consciousness and can become a gem.)
  • Izumi and/or Olivier meet the Crystal Gems (During the Rebellion, on Earth, or in Amestris - I don't really care as long as warrior women get to do some possibly strange bonding.)
  • Maes isn't quite sure how he ended up in this pink plain, but at least he has someone to talk (and show pictures of Elisia, she's three now, isn't she just adorable) to.
  • Homeworld invades Amestris. People prepare to fight.
  • Ed and Steven switch places, either via bodyswap (Steven's mind in Ed's body, and vice versa) or random universe switch. Chaos ensues.
  • Lapis' mirror turns up in Ishval. Maybe she finds this miserable planet actually likable; maybe Ed fixes her gem via alchemy and she goes back to homeworld. Regardless, chaos ensues. (Lapis' power would be somewhat limited due to lack of nearby water, but it still wouldn't end well for anyone who annoyed her.)

Steven Universe/Nancy Drew
- Nancy is used to some weird things happening around her, but Beach City takes that concept a bit too far.
  • The mystery ends up leading to the Crystal gems even though it's seemingly unrelated.
  • Nancy trying to get anything out of Reynaldo
  • Nancy making very logical, sound deductions that are completely wrong because gems are involved.

Nancy Drew/Fullmetal Alchemist - Nancy gets more than she bargained for when she investigates a mystery in Amestris.
  • A seemingly benign case leads to something much bigger (i.e., animal cruelty ends up with Tucker, anything ends up with the Promised Day)
  • She wasn't even in Amestris for a case. (A la Captive Witness, she ends up involved in chaos for purely circumstantial reasons.)
  • Maes Hughes was a friend of her father, and they're covertly investigating his death.

Fullmetal Alchemist/Big Hero 6 (Crossover or fusion, art or fic) - For the SCIENCE!!!
  • The State Alchemists as grad students at SFIT
  • Big Hero 6 gets dumped into Amestris. Hijinks ensue. (Especially if the State Military is freaking out over the new tech).
  • Honey Lemon learns alkahestry and/or alchemy. Superhero fights in San Fransokyo get a little more interesting.
  • Ed nerding out with Big Hero 6.
  • FMA AU - Big Hero 6 are all alchemists or Mustang's team (with Tadashi as Maes)