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 Hello creator! I go by Brachylagus_fandom over on AO3.

  • porn
  • issuefic
  • worldbuilding
  • music
  • hijinks
  • hurt/comfort
  • comedy, especially twisted comedy and/or satire
  • crack treated seriously
  • crack not treated seriously
  • slice of life type scenes
  • Fluff/They Got Better scenarios
  • Dark fic that just twists the canon slightly (or, occasionally, not) to make something horrifying
Art-Specific likes: Because I suck at writing art prompts.
  • bold lines/colors
  • scenery
  • Slice of life (as fluffy or dark as you want)
  • clothing details, especially if the clothing isn't typical for everyday wear now (e.g. formal clothes, period pieces, costumes...)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoold and Manga
Complex plot, badass female characters, tightly defined magic, badass female characters, horrifying government conspiracy, badass female characters, epic fight scenes, badass female characters... Throw in cool music and this show would cater perfectly to my tastes! I love everything about Brotherhood and the manga, but never managed to get into the 2003 anime, so I would like anything to be in the Brotherhood/manga universe.

Mei Chan|May Chang
  • Out of all the members of the Chang clan, why was May sent to Amestris? And why did she go alone?
  • Fighting with or without Xiao Mei
  • learning alkahestry
  • Where did she get her interpretation of Ed from? Is there a "Adventures of Hot Young Alchemist Monthly"? Was she basing it on Hoenheim?
  • Her and Al after the Promised Day
Lan Fan
  • Recovering from automail surgery
  • Backstory - training, how she was selected to guard Ling, etc.
  • Guarding Ling as he travels
  • Mourning Fu's death
Olivier Armstrong
  • Life at Fort Briggs
  • Childhood with Alex
  • Does she have anything of her own that's been passed down through the Armstrong family for generations?
Izumi Curtis
  • Backstory - how did she get interested in alchemy? How and when did she fall in love with Sig? (bonus points if it's something very strange (i.e., standing over an animal's corpse or attempted murder) treated as romantic)
  • Teaching Ed and Al
  • Her normal life, with or without health issues
Harry Potter: Books
This was my first fandom when I was a kid, and I still haven't managed to escape the magic of it. 

Hermione Granger
  • Books. Anything about books.
  • Breaking out Sirius wasn't the first time she used that time turner for something other than studying.
  • Adventures with Ron and Harry
  • Her rise to political power after the war
Minerva McGonagall
  • Learning to become an Animagus - What does it entail? How long does it take? Why is she a tabby cat?
  • Dealing with students, either book or marauders era
  • How did she get Hermione the time turner? Was it treated as a pretty normal (if unusual) request, or was it a total bureaucratic nightmare?
Andromeda Black Tonks
  • Childhood as a Black
  • Marrying Ted and leaving her family
  • Raising (and burying) Tonks
  • What did she do during the First or Second Wizarding war?
Susan Bones
  • What did she do during the Second Wizarding war?
  • Joining and working in the DA
  • Her time at Hogwarts - how much of Harry's adventures did she know about at the time? How much did she believe?
Angelina Johnson
  • Quidditch at Hogwarts
  • What did she do during the war? What did she do after it ended?
  • After she graduated, did she join a professional Quidditch team or did she keep her interest as a side hobby?

Harry Potter: Founders Era
What most intrigues me about the founders is that we know next to nothing about them. Where did the founders come from? How did they meet? How did they build the castle? We don't know! Any knowledge of the period would be great, but if it's inaccurate, I probably won't be able to tell.

Helga Hufflepuff
  • Backstory - where did she come from? What was her family like? How did she meet the other founders?
  • When Helga said she'd take them all, she meant it. (A werewolf/squib/etc. wants to attend Hogwarts, and Helga can't turn them away.)
  • Teaching in the early days of Hogwarts.
Rowena Ravenclaw
  • General backstory - her family, how she met the other founders, etc.
  • Establishing and running Hogwarts
  • Pottermore mentions that Hogwarts is called Hogwarts because Rowena dreamed of a pig leading her to the site. Did this really happen, or was it made up? If it's real, were prophetic dreams a normal thing for Rowena or was it a one-time thing?
Hunger Games: Books or Movies
I love Hunger Games mostly for the twistedness: child murder, adult fear, the fact that the victors don't get to live in peace afterwards... go as dark as you want, honestly.

  • Life before the reaping - What's her family like? Did she go to school? How was work?
  • Reaping day - There's some uncertainty in the books of how Eleven does its reapings due to its large population, so maybe something off of that. Emotional angst is a given.
  • Preparing for the games - interviews, the chariot ride, training, etc.
  • The Games - What did she do in the games before meeting Katniss? Why did she help Katniss? How did she get trapped? 
  • Aftermath of her death, maybe?
Johanna Mason
  • Backstory - What was her life like before she was reaped? What was her arena like?
  • Aftermath of her win
  • What's her talent?
  • Interactions with other victors
  • The third Quarter Quell - how did she initially react? What was her plan going in?
  • Her time in the Capitol during the rebellion
  • Her role in the rebellion
  • After the rebellion - What's her life like? What does she do?
  • Her games - What was her arena like? What was her strategy? How did she win?
  • How much did she know about the rebel's plan going into the Quarter Quell? How much does she understand?
  • Before the games - Mags was a child during the Dark Days, so maybe something stemming from that.
  • What were her games like? - arena, strategies, features that have fallen out of favor or aren't in practice yet
  • Her life as a victor - mentoring, watching the games change over the years
Annie Cresta
  • Her life before the games - because that seriously screwed her up.
  • After the games - Was she even worse in the beginning? How does she cope?
  • After the war - Does she get better? What's her life like?
Steven Universe: Show
This show manages to line up with my tastes really, really closely. The balance of (and occasional wild oscillation between) a fluffy kid's show and something really dark, the way it handles its characters (mostly Pearl's) issues, the music, the various gems and their assorted badassery and awesomeness... I wish we could get a new Crystal Gem for more than about an episode at a time because the ads are kind of bait-and-switch in that respect, but there's little else I could ask for.

  • Her issues. Any (or all) of them.
  • Repurcussions from the Sardonyx incident
  • Does she hook up with Mystery Girl?
  • Internal dialogue between Ruby and Sapphire
  • Does she still have the ice/fire powers in fused form
  • Futurevision - its benefits and drawbacks
Lapis Lazuli
  • The making of the meep-morps
  • Living at the farm with Peridot
  • It's taken some time, but she's grown to like Earth.
  • Her exploring the oceans - she has power over water, so she can find the cool stuff really quickly, and she doesn't need to breathe, so she doesn't have to worry about getting the bends or resurfacing for air.
  • Fighting as a Crystal Gem
  • AU where she's not bubbled at the end of her episode
  • Various creations of hers - are there non-weapon ones?
  • She finds Crazy Lace, Biggs, and/or Snowflake. It's not pretty. (I've seen some speculation that the two big corruptions at the Beta Kindergarten were Crazy Lace (Aget) and Biggs (Jasper), and I think it's a pretty clever idea.)
  • Clearly, she's had a talk with her parents since Nightmare Hospital. How did it go?
  • Fighting corrupted/homeworld gems, with or without the others
  • moments of geekiness
  • Reuniting with the Crystal Gems
  • Pranks they've dealt on Aget
  • Willful disobedience before/during/after Steven's visit
Blue Diamond & Yellow Diamond
  • How they deal with Pink Diamond's death both together and separately
  • Their plans for revenge
  • How do they treat their other colony worlds, especially after Pink Diamond's demise?
  • Does Blue Diamond visit Earth regularly?
Garnet & Pearl & Amethyst
  • (Trying to) raise Steven
  • Dealing with Rose being gone
Connie & Pearl
  • Connie's sword training

Steven Universe: Rose's Rebellion
Because we know next to nothing about this time, and it his the "morally dubious protagonists" spot hard. Fight scenes are a very good option for all of these.

  • Backstory - who did she belong to? How did she escape them? How did she meet Rose?
  • Rose is mostly a strong, charistmatic figurehead; she's the real brains of the rebellion.
  • Starting her role in the rebellion as a spy - no one pays attention to people they view as lower, so no one would suspect them.
  • How did her issues surrounding Rose spring up?
  • The first few awkward days (weeks... months... years...) of joining the Rebellion
  • Her splitting up and going undercover.
  • Using futurevision to plan attacks, and something going horribly wrong.
Lapis Lazuli
  • Why did Homeworld assume she was a traitor?
  • Why was she locked in the mirror?
  • Using Earth's water (oceans, rivers, ponds, clouds) as her primary weapon
Rose Quartz
  • Why did she start a revolution?
  • Meeting the others, one by one
  • Rose is the head of the rebellion, but she's not sure she can control it.
  • Shattering Pink DIamond - Why? How?
  • Backstory - where did she come from? Why did she join the Rebellion?
  • Why did she think the Breaking Point was necessary?
  • Her starting in the rebellion not as a soldier or weaponmaker but as a spy - no one paid attention to her, and she definitely has the ability to lie well enough to do it.
Group: Bismuth & Rose Quartz
  • How did they get along before the Breaking Point?
  • Their argument
  • Bismuth's Bubbling - why did Rose think it was necessary to do and hide it? Did Bismuth think it was a temporary thing at the time?
Original Work: I requested these in  sets as well as under the "Original Work" canon helper, but I'm fine with getting any of these characters in any genre. 

Original Work Only - Because these didn't scream a particular genre to me.  Knowledge of the character's field is a plus.

  • What are her students like?
  • How does she feel about them?
  • How does she feel about her coworkers?
  • Her day-to day job
  • Something goes horribly wrong, and only she can fix it.
  • She's weirdly attached to her tools (gives them names, doesn't share, talks to them, etc...)
  • Inventions gone horribly wrong... or horribly right
  • For art, maybe blueprints or a patent?
Scientist - Any field, any point in time (or not - speculative is okay, too!)
  • Things go horribly wrong (or right).
  • Things blow up in her face (literally).
  • Field-specific info
  • If (faux) historical - How did she get to her position? (I love stories of early female scientists working hard to get the respect they've earned.)
  • Patient comes in with mysterious illness and Doctor must diagnose and save them!
  • General day to day job - what field does she work in? (e.g., pediatrics, radiology, oncology, cardiology, ENT, the list goes on and on... maybe even a vet?) What are her patients like?
  • If sci-fi, treating aliens with anatomical differences
  • Her latest dig uncovers some interesting artifacts.
  • Paperwork associated with digs
  • Writing things up for a museum exhibit/acting as a docent, maybe?
Revolutionary - Any revolution, fictional or real (if real, preferably googleable so I have some clue what's going on)
  • What are they fighting for? Why?
  • Do they get what they're fighting for?
  • Cue Les Mis jokes (or Hamilton or 1776 jokes, if you would prefer) - men in tight pants, breaking into song, life about to start in heaven, etc.
Science Fiction

Natural Scientist on Newly Discovered World
  • What does the planet look like? - Composition, atmosphere, weather patterns, solar system
  • Can life live on it? (Is life already living there?)
  • If it isn't hospitable, is there a way back? 
  • Why are humans exploring space? (Crapsack world a la Interstellar optional)
  • Why did our intrepid astronaut decide to go? - honor, duty, necessity?
  • What was her training like?
  • Places she's been
  • Places she's going
  • Unique environments
  • Has she met any aliens? What did they look like?
  • Why did she decide to travel?
  • Astronaut training
  • Why did she decide to be an astronaut?
  • Looking down/back at the Earth
  • Life in zero-g (or substantially less g if on Mars/Moon)
Time Traveler
  • When is she from?
  • Places she likes to visit
  • Jokey anachronisms, especially blatantly wrong costuming (i.e., poodle skirt in Victorian London)
Spaceship Captain
  • How does gravity work - central rotation, living in zero g, or **handwave**?
  • Dealing with the crew/passengers
  • Where is she going? Why?

  • Who is she spying for? Why?
  • Who is she spying on? Why?
  • What are her methods like? (deep cover, honeypot, hacking, anything at all - plausibility is not the issue here)
  • Her cover is blown, and she needs to escape in one piece.
  • She meets some allies along the way.
  • Saving the world isn't easy, especially when you're also going through school/holding a job/taking care of someone/etc.
  • Calamity as cock(or, rather, vagina)block - her dates keep getting interrupted (in increasingly ridiculous ways and at increasingly exasperating times) by supervillain attacks/alien invasions/monster attacks/etc.
  • Her identity is revealed, and she has to face the fallout.
  • Revolving door of impermanent deaths
  • Why is she evil? (Megalomania? Boredom? Evil via method and not intent?)
  • Her cunning schemes (and how they blow up in her face)
  • If going the "Evil Because I Can" or "Evil Because I'm a Megalomaniac" routes, signs her parents really should have caught of her future evilness. (Personally, I'm picturing entirely impossible plans of DOOM in scribbled in crayon.)
  • What's her life like outside of world domination?
  • Revloving door of impermanent deaths
  • Debates, either polite and respectful or devolving very quickly into nastiness
  • She is targeted by Spy.
  • Politics is an art of compromise and talking (sometimes yelling) over other people. She's still working on that first part.
  • How did she get into politics?
  • Is she the Intrepid Idealist (who's about to have her dreams crushed) or the World-Weary Pragmatist (who will realize she's forsaken her principles for action)?
  • She manages to get something she wants done. She celebrates.
Mad Scientist
  • The full extent of her insanity. (Horror optional but perfectly fine by me; however dark you go, I've almost definitely seen worse.)
  • Has she always been a mad scientist, or did she start out normal(ish)?
  • She's a botanist, and things go wrong with some genetic manipulation. (aka She makes an Aubrey from Little Shop of Horrors)
  • She's a chemist and almost blows up the city.
  • She's a doctor, and human experimentation is involved.
  • She's an engineer, and there are killer robots (or robot ninjas, or killer mechs, or any other ridiculous robot trope) involved.
  • She comes to her senses once everything has gone past the point of no return.
Mad Scientist & Monstrous Creation
  • Treating the monster like a precious pet.
  • The monster acts like a pet animal - turns over for belly rubs, hogs the heater, plays fetch, etc.
  • Full horror - The monster was formed from a loved one. (Note FMA request above)
  • The monster is the one in real control
Private Investigator
  • casefic
  • She's hired to clear the name of an old friend/enemy.
  • She's hired to surveil an old friend/enemy.
  • Things she's seen she wishes she could forget.

Detective & Medical Examiner
  • casefic
  • Detective is dead. ME does the autopsy.
  • Working together, especially if their personalities are at odds
  • ME is missing. Detective must find them.


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