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 Hello worldbuilder! I go by Brachylagus_fandom on AO3 and might take a bit to comment due to real life perpetually kicking my ass! Most of this letter boils down to "what would happen if x... SHINY THING!", but I will love anything not involving my DNWs. Feel free to mix and match prompts as well.

  • Sex
  • Issuefic
  • Gore (injuries are OK, but guts aren't)
  • How elements interconnect
  • Implications of policies, decisions, etc.
  • Something that showcases the writer's knowledge/experience in a field
  • Music
  • Art, especially with period-specific/appropriate styles
  • History.
  • SCIENCE!!!
  • Fluff
  • Psychological horror
  • Mysteries
  • Action/Adventure
  • Politics!

Mysterious Benedict Society - This series (by Trenton Lee Stewart) leaves a lot of interesting open ends for worldbuilding.

Backstory - In some ways, I think the backstories of the characters in canon could be more interesting than canon.
  • Milligan, before he got sent to Nomansan Island, afterwards, or a mix of the two
  • Other exceptional children Mr. Benedict found over the years (i.e., Rhonda, Number Two, or Exceptional Child(ren))
  • Kate at the circus
  • The Executives/Messengers, since it's implied some of them were kidnapped and brainswept
  • The Helpers, particularly why they were brainswept
  • As a non-character alternative, the progress of the Emergency
Media and Propaganda - What it says on the tin 
  • Whisperer messages and the interpretations thereof
  • News during the Emergency
  • In The Prisoner's Dilemma, some of the media still favors Curtain despite lack of Whisperer influence and his various crimes being exposed. Why?
The Power of the Human Brain - Also exactly as advertised
  • An exploration of Constance's vaguely defined mental powers
  • The Whisperer/Brainsweeper
  • Sticky's memory and occasional failings thereof
Technology - This is an excuse to let your STEM flag fly.
  • The Ten Men's equipment
  • The Whisperer/Brainsweeper and how they work
  • Mr. Curtain's various other gadgets and how they came into being
  • On a much less advanced note, The Annotated History of Kate Weatherall's Bucket would not go unappreciated
Paperwork - I pity whoever has to file the paperwork involved in this series.
  • The strange questions that have to be asked.
  • The stranger answers. Mr. Benedict is shown to deliberately irritate the officials by giving weird replies, Sticky's report would put anyone to sleep, Constance is Constance, and Kate might write in invisible ink just for kicks.
  • There's always a form for that.
  • Artistically, maybe a pile of paperwork?
Ten Men/Recruiters; Messengers and Executives - The collective evil henchmen of the series. (For potential clarification - the Ten Men are more or less the same thing as the Recruiters but after LIVE disappears).
  • Where they came from originally
  • A look into a Ten Man's briefcase
  • Sashes are earned in tears; watches are earned in blood.
  • Jackson and Jillson being the unlovable assholes they are in canon
  • Someone tries to teach SQ to be a bad guy.
  • Martina Crow's dignified career being an asshole.
The Weatherall family - MY BABIES.
  • Kate's mother is not as dead as advertised.
  • Milligan's life pre-Nomansan Island
  • Their life in between chaotic adventures
  • Kate at the circus
  • Issues in adapting to having someone to rely on/care for
  • Basically anyting with Kate, Milligan, and possibly Kate's unnamed mom.
Harry Potter - Wizarding World - This chunk focuses mainly on logistics of stuff, which sounds boring but is probably still boring to you going to be totally awesome!

  • Is there a magical version of the Dewey Decimal System?
  • Books that bite or have other strange qualities
  • Charms against books becomeing overdue
  • How do holds/interlibrary loans work?
  • Are there magical library cards?
  • Do you have to pay attention to magic knitting in order that it follows your pattern (instead of doing a basic stitch) or can you "program" it in?
  • If you can "program" the spell to follow a set pattern, how do you do it?
  • Is there a spell to fix mistakes twelve rows up? (If so, can I have it?)
The Scientific Method
  • Some very bored muggleborn gets the bright idea to experiment with their powers.
  • Magical person decides to test the "laws" of magic.
  • The making of the Maurader's map included a lot of trial and error.
  • The making of Snape's special potion recipes
Higher Mathematics - including applied mathematics
  • How did the invention of the calculator (in particular the log, root, and trig functions) affect Arithmancy?
  • Did astronomical math modeling help or hurt astrology?
  • Can quantum mechanics explain the effects of Potions?
  • Mathematical proofs explaining (or failing to explain) how magic works.
  • Applied math + math = impressive chaos
  • Can music be used as a spell?
  • How do the words affect the end result?
  • What effects to the compositional elements have on the end result?
  • Music theory/history injokes if you have them
Wizarding Interpretations of Fairy Tales/Wizarding Version of King Arthur Myths
  • How do these differ from the nomagical versions?
  • Is Avalon a real place?
  • Creature representation (i.e., Big Bad Wolf as a werewolf or Nimune as some kind of water-based creature)?
  • Is magic applied differently?
Dragon Sanctuaries
  • Where does their funding come from? (Government? ASPCA-type ad campaigns? Donations? Wealthy nature enthusiasts?)
  • What regulations govern dragon sanctuaries?
  • Do they act as preserved versions of biomes (like a national park) or more like a large, well-kept, dangerous zoo?
  • What is day to day life there like?
Harry Potter - Books Only - Again, it is clear that I am a huge worldbuilding dork. I do not particularly care whether or not some of these are set in Britain or anywhere else (and actively encourage other locations for History of Magic and Magical Societies).

 - These could apply to either magical Britain or magical somewhere else.
  • How does the ministry work?
  • What is their relationship with their muggle counterpart like?
  • How do the politics of the muggle world map onto the politics of the magical world?
Ministry of Magic
  • How do the different departments interact?
  • What is a day in a ministry job like?
  • Strange paperwork and the reasons it's necessary
Politics of the resistance against Voldemort
  • Are there groups other than the Order of the Phoenix fighting Voldemort?
  • What does the logistics situation of either war look like?
  • Who do magical creatures ally themselves with? Why?
  • What protections were put into place afterwards to avoid this sort of this happening again? 
History of magic and magical societies - This mostly focuses on older history, but a more modern timeframe would not go amiss.
  • How far back do magical societies go?
  • Was magic useful in the building of early states?
  • Magic's influence on the construction of monuments (e.g. pyramids, Stonehenge, Great Zimbabwe, Great Wall of China, Ansazi lines, etc.)
  • The introduction of magical seclusion
  • How does magic relate to  belief systems and social hierarchies?
  • How closely do magical conflicts mirror muggle ones?
  • To what extent does anti-creature sentiment parallel racism in the muggle world?
  • Does anti-magic sentiment rise along with other scapegoating in the muggle world?
  • Is there any actual basis for anti-magic sentiment?
Literature (fiction and non-fiction)
  • What genres of fiction are popular?
  • Non-textbook, non fiction works, particularly in history
  • Is there a version of AP prep books for OWLs/NEWTs? Does Hermione have a full set?
  • The rise of printed works. Did they need to wait for the development of the printing press (in Mainz or in China)?
  • The wizarding version of fictional genres (adventure, kidlit, romance)
  • Is there a set of books based on the life of Harry Potter? Are they accurate or hilariously embellished? Where they written before or after the events of the story?
Magical features of Hogwarts castle - Exactly what it says on the tin
  • How many of the features originated as defense mechanisms?
  • Can a full map of Hogwarts even be made?
  • How was the Marauder's map designed?
  • How were the magical features created?

Avatar: the Last Airbender
 - I love this show and its worldbuilding.

  • Were there other worldwide wars before the one in canon?
  • How does war affect the lives of people spread across the Four Nations?
  • Tactics, armor, and arms races
The Library
  • Why was it founded?
  • How was it maintained?
  • A look into its collection
The Kyoshi Warriors
  • Traditions
  • Symbolism of the makeup
  • How did it start? Was it a thing before Kyoshi and renamed in her honor, originally Kyoshi's guard, or created in honor of her?
  • Training to become a Kyoshi warrior
  • What are relations between the four nations like?
  • How does being split into three alter the waterbenders' political power?
  • What effect does bending have on one's political power?
  • What are the internal power structures of each kingdom (maybe plus the United Republic) like? How have they changed over the years?
Applications of Bending - Specifically, things other than violence.
  • Waterbending - hydroponics, magic painting/calligraphy
  • Firebending - fire is used in a lot of stuff - lighting, heating, forging metals
  • Earthbending - easy construction of cities, early warning of seismic natural disasters, finding mineral resources
  • Airbending - flight, detection of weather systems
  • Combinations of elements
  • Boring, mundane stuff - drying hair, making tea, heating ovens
The History of the A:tLA World
  • Formation of Four Nations
  • Development of trade networks
  • Epidemics?
  • Rise of massive states along bending lines
Creation of the United Republic of Nations
  • How did the United Republic get the necessary land?
  • How did Sokka promote the idea?
  • Planning and constructing Republic City
Steven Universe - Lots of open ends to poke through

Gems' Influence on Earth
  • Why is there an ocean where Siberia is meant to be?
  • Human exploration of gem sites
  • Was there genetic bottleneck because enough people died in the Gem conquest of Earth?
  • Did gem artifacts speed up technological advancement?
  • Impact of Rose's Rebellion on early religious systems
Rose's Rebellion
  • Where did the Crystal Gems come from?
  • Tactics in the war
  • What role did humans play in the fighting?
Gem Politics
  • Were there other factions fighting in Rose's Rebellion?
  • What does Homeworld's hierarchy look like?
  • Methods of gaining power/position
  • Why were they created in the first place? (I'm guessing Gems can pop up in other ways because otherwise we've got a chicken and egg scenario.)
  • How are Kindergarten locations picked?
  • Effects on the environment - Can they be avoided? Are they reversible?
  • What happens when Kindergartens go wrong?
Gem Corruption
  • Is corruption a side effect of physical issues (i.e. a cracked gem), mental ones, or some combination thereof?
  • Is it communicable?
  • Can it be reversed?
  • How was it first discovered?
  • How can it be effectively weaponized? Are there protections against this? If so, how do they work?
Hunger Games - And now, for something even darker than my soul/mind.

First Hunger Games
  • Who were the tributes?
  • What was the Arena like?
  • Who won? How?
  • Who (if anyone) protested? How?
  • Was the Career dynamic already in place or was it more of an even competition?
Dark Days
  • How did Panem form?
  • What provoked the Rebellion?
  • How did the fighting go?
  • What prompted the Capitol to raze District 13 to the ground?
  • How did 13 survive?
After the War
  • How effective is the government?
  • What is the Capitol Games like?
  • What form of government do they settle on?
  • Are the districts still heavily specialized?
  • Tributes the Capitol remembers (for better or worse)
  • Lives before they were reaped
  • An instance where it was obvious the ball was weighted against someone
  • Career training
  • Reactions to the Capitol
  • Strategies for the games
  • Where they came from
  • How they won
  • Life afterwards
  • Preparing for rebellion
Arena Design
  • Who designs the arena?
  • How are arena's built?
  • How are arenas controlled?
  • Captiol tourism after the fact: eat the newest products from 4 while laughing at splotches of blood!
Educational Materials
  • How different is education depending on district?
  • Does the curriculum change depending on job? (e.g. a coal miner wouldn't have a use for vectors or calculus but a structural engineer would)
  • What is each district's curriculum like?
  • Do they have to take standardized tests?


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