Apr. 9th, 2016

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 For genprompt_bingo: the Eyes Are the Window of the Soul

Cleo knew very well that she should have stopped looking people in the eyes. There were futures there, pasts there, things she shouldn't have touched. Still, she did it anyways.

First, there were the people she met when she was still Clotho the Weaver, people who would ask about their futures and never get the answers they wanted. She can still see some of the people from back then now, with their dark eyes and dark pasts and dark futures.

Then there was Clio, the first immortal she had ever met that wasn't her sister. To be fair,  Clio had sisters of her own, eight of them, but they weren't tied together the same way the Fates were. Clio was a soft kind of person, shy and sweet with amber eyes too big for her face. Cleo never told her that she was going to die in the smoke and fire of a future going up in flames as the Third Gate was permanently destroyed. It still happened, and Cleo cried for the first time in years and the last time for centuries.

When she had been Queen of Spring and the Wife of Midsummer, she had looked into countless infant's eyes and told their parents of their futures in the most positive way possible. She had learned how to say "your son will be a serial killer" politely and "your daughter will die before she turns eighteen" with a smile on her face. It still felt like lying.

When she was nothing, few people asked her about the future. There had been a snobby little princess when she went by Cassandra the Witch who eventually got what was coming to her and a girl named Cass, barely old enough to sit on her mother's knee. That had been a sad encounter; forty years after moving in her time, she heard that River's Keep had been destroyed and the little girl with sky-blue eyes and her little sister had been the only survivors.

Last, there were her students: happy and sad and brave and nervous. Their futures had less blood in them, at least. Well, except for Alexandria. Alexandria, the one with the glowing gray eyes, had a long, dark future ahead of her. Miri, whose pale eyes reminded her of North Point, had a dark past that reminded her of the rumors she had heard, even in the Outside, of what had happened there. She wasn't surprised when it turned out that Miri was adopted. She was surprised that the darkness ended (or maybe started) with the mask of a King's Legion assassin, the infamous Dark Star herself if the cloak was any indication.

Still, when she got one glimpse into Dark Star's eyes, she nearly laughed. The king had no clue what was coming for him, with his favorite toy and the bubbling black mess of her life. It was just a shame she would never see it. Keep on, child, she had asped as the cursed blade slid out of her side and she felt herself finally dying, you have an interesting path ahead of you. Don't you remember me telling you that much, all those years ago? As her eyes closed for the last time, she swore she saw Dark Star cry.


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