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 for genprompt_bingo: Thank God It's Friday... Again: Time Loops

"You ready?" Neptune wants to scream. He knows what will happen next: he'll say yeah, Rose will say let's go, Emerald will open the door, the world will dissolve into fire, and he'll wake up this morning again.

This is his fifteenth raid on Devil's Run, fifteenth death, fifteenth June 28th, 2082. He needs to find a way out of this where they all live.

"We shouldn't do this," Neptune manages to choke out. "This feels like a trap."

"Neptune, Vi's in there," Rose protests. "We are not leaving her behind."

"We don't have to. We just can't charge in, colors blazing. They knew we were coming. We need to think."

"Fine," Rose grumbles. Emerald gestures for them to stand aside as she gently nudges open the door, only to duck out of the wzy as flames oame rushing through the opening. "Holy shit!" Soon enough, the flames stop. The three proceed through, only to find an empty base. "Goddammit!"


"It was a trap, a trap this whole time, and I made you fall for it. Vi's probably dead and we almost were because I can't let her go."

"Rose, Vi's probably alive. She's powerful enough that they wouldn't want to kill her. She's just not here."

"What do we do now?"

"We try to find the others. The prophecy said there are seven of us, right?"

"The prophecy is bullshit."

"Still, there are three other kids out there getting hunted. We leave Violet alone for a bit and find them. They'll think we're dead and loosen their security. Eventually, anyways," Emerald admitted under her breath. Rose shakily nods and accepts Neptune's hand. The three walk away, new plans forming as Neptune sighs in relief, knowing that tomorrow will be June 29th, 2082.


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